Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Happy Birthday Cap'n ...

Carroll F. LeFon, Jr., Captain, United States Navy
09 November 1960 - 06 March 2012

Gone, but not forgotten.

Still missed...

Still loved...

Happy Birthday Lex.

Until we meet again...

Yes, this is a rerun from two years ago. Last year on the Cap'n's birthday it was a Juvat day (read Monday) and then we were in the middle of the Battle of the Hürtgenwald. (FWIW, I have not had a chance to continue edits on the WWII novel in quite a while. Life, and work, have been pounding on me 24/7. Which isn't a bad thing.)

Testing went much better on Monday, don't really know why, perhaps a ghost in the machine? Who knows, tomorrow will be telling. Did we hook something up wrong? Did the system boot come up clean? Bad connection somewhere? All of the above?

Long day, but a prosperous day, might even get to go home early, ya know, before the leaves fall. (Whoa Sarge, too WWI-ish!)

Anyhoo, happy birthday to Our Lex. We won't forget you brother, not now, not ever.

Editor's Note: A number of you commented on Juvat's post yesterday and wound up in the spam bin. Freaking Gargle can't catch the online gambling a-holes in Thailand, nor the bogus moving companies in India, but it sure as Hell screwed the pooch on Monday. Come on Gargle, you're better than that. (Maybe.)

Rest assured, your comments have been rescued and were published round about 1856 PST on Monday.

Carry on ...


  1. Great men inspire us. That's why I hang around here so much. I need inspiration at times. Cheers, Salud!

  2. Thanks for rescuing the comments. I thought commenting was comparatively light yesterday. But my questions were answered. No, they can't run lights and No, federal law prohibits wide loads traveling at night.

    1. Do the Feds have jurisdiction over state & town roads or are they limited to the Interstates? Old Guns

    2. OG,
      One commenter said federal law, another inferred that it was also state law. INAL, so maybe both? The feds do the interstates and the states do the rest?

      Your guess is as good as mine. juvat

    3. Old Guns - Follow the money, if the Feds kick in on funding, they do get some control.

    4. juvat - I do think it's both, based on funding and the like.

  3. BADGER PAW SALUTE, to our missing Captain!

  4. Thanks Sarge, in and thru our hearts Lex lives on.....

  5. You're greatly missed Lex. Cheers.


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