Monday, November 22, 2021

I've been Aced!

So...There I was...* Sunday Morning Breakfast (Yes, Beans, same location as last week, and the week before, and...), happy because it's been an eventful week and I've already got a solid idea for this weeks post.  Pull up the blog in preparation for logging in and notice a new post published and it's in MY usual font (Sarge uses the default blogger font.  I use a Sans Serif font named Helvetica.  The reason for this is, back in the day when I was teaching Web Mastering, computer resolutions were so low, the little curlicues in Serif fonts made them difficult to read on the monitors.  That has changed, but so have my eyes and not for the better, so I still prefer the Sans Serif type fonts.  YMMV, but I can read them better.)

In any case, I see the post is in Helvetica.  I think to myself "Did I post last night?  I certainly don't remember doing so, but....".  Well another thing that's not quite as sharp as my eyesight is my memory.  I begin to read the post.  Yeah, I had intended to mention that, and that and that and that.  Maybe I did.

I must have scheduled it for Sunday by mistake.  Then I look at the Posted by line.

I've been ACED by Tuna!

What does that mean juvat?

Watch this little video.  

Guy's rolling in on a target.  He's lined up on the engine, he's gonna be a hero and destroy the target, then from out of nowhere comes another P-47 and blows up the train in front of him.  That's being Aced.

The full video, which is quite good, can be found here.

So, since Tuna "stole" my idea and, quite frankly, did a better job talking about it, I will switch to some other topics that I have "borrowed" from my usual internet hangouts.  

BEANS! Get your mind out of the gutter!

From Steven Hayward's "The week in Pictures" feature at Powerline.

I thought that improbable, but was in error.
Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 (July 4th, 1826 to be precise and perfect)
Harriet Tubman 1822-1913
Ronald Reagan 1911-2004

I also enjoyed this picture from the same source.

Hmmm, for some reason, Mr. Binger isn't pictured.  My trifecta regarding that miserable POS is "Disbarment, Damages and Prison." One can hope.

On a 'nother, 'nother note:

Mrs. J, being the thoughtful person she is, decided that my current workshop was not up to OSHA code and therefore should be returned to its prior life as a storage shed.  She was also not of a mind to allow me to continue using the Garage in our current house as a temporary workshop. It is where all the "tweaks" required by the ongoing Operation "Everyone move one dwelling clockwise" occur.  The operation is now in its 14th month and rapidly approaching completion. Completion will occur when our second guesthouse is up and running.  It's now looking like that will happen by the end of the month.  We only have to replace the canes in one chair to reach that milestone.


True words, very true.

But, in any case, Mrs. J has decreed that once the chair is completed, the garage will become a storage space for her automobile and riding lawn mower.  My truck will either have to fit or freeze.

"But, but, but,  what about woodworking, My Dear? I can't go back to my old 10X16 shop!"

"Not to worry, Dear.  Santa's elves are working the issue and the result should arrive in 4-6 weeks."

Yes, Beans, I've got graph paper out and am figuring out the 12X24 layout.  Imagine! I'll be able to cut a sheet of plywood without opening the doors. That is IF I can afford the plywood.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and Peace Out, y'all.  Lots of victories this week. We're winning.


  1. I wish I had a 12X24 foot workshed! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks STB, It was very nice working with the graph paper and realizing I had "options" on where to place things. But the old saying is still true. "Stuff expands to fill available space!" Hopefully, I'll be able to control it for a little while.

  2. Juvat - I wondered if there was going to a confluence of writing subjects given the events of the last week. Amazing roll, recovery, and realignment to a new target.

    I am sure that the end of Operation "Slow Motion Nomad" will be viewed with much relief.

    And, you get a new workshop out of the deal. How awesome is that?

    Happiest of Thanksgivings, Friend.

    1. TB, It was a pretty great week, wasn't it?

      If you haven't watched the whole movie and are looking for something to do while the turkey cooks, I'd highly recommend it. Train busting was a very dangerous mission for a lot of reasons, but the impact on the enemy was worth the risk. There are some very good shots showing exactly how dangerous it was.

      It will be nice to have that operation over with. However, Mrs J is very resourceful in coming up with new ideas to keep me off the streets at night.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also!

  3. That video of the Enterprise theme would be much better with Ms. Blalock dancing around...

    1. Mark,
      Can't disagree with that. We're about 3/4 through the first season. That's a VERY well fitting jump suit.

    2. Unlike most Trek purists, I really liked Star Trek Enterprise. The use of shuttlecraft, decontamination chambers, the cramped ship feel, the run things until they're almost broken, all more realistic than a warship with families and children on board (Next Gen) or a ship that can't use replicators because not enough power but can use transporters and holodeck (according to Trek tech, based on same technology and that would be Voyager which was a barfable pile of dogsqueeze) or that new one where everything is social justice blah blah blah and they've redesigned the Klingons (seriously, freeze-dried space Klingons? wertderferk?)

      I'm one of those people who like Scott Bakula. And Nicholas Cage (yeah, I know, not a Trek actor, but still, Cage is always entertaining.)

    3. I think it's the best of the series also. I also think it's the more accurate of them, bunch of humans doing their best, making mistakes, fixing some of them, living with the consequences of the rest. Pretty much like real life if you ask me.

      I agree with you on Bakula. Cage? Sometimes.

  4. Terrible to be aced-out by tuna. Congratulations on your new work shop.

    I got an official LEO answer to your wide-load/red-light situation. It is not from the person I was originally going to ask but another LEO. Simple answer is that they had no right to run the red-light. As a matter of fact this LEO gave a fireman a ticket for running a red-light in a firetruck and hitting a vehicle that was going through a green-light.

    1. BillB,
      That's what I would have expected. As I said, I wouldn't have been so peeved if it had just been the first one writing it off as not being able to stop in time. However being followed by the 9 other vehicles in the convoy was a bit more than my temper control could handle.

      Thanks, looking forward to its delivery.

  5. I'll give you props as an Eagle driver for admitting you were aced by a Viking driver. Has a Viking ever done that to an Eagle before?
    A new shop? Mrs. J has to be the bestest wife ever, with the exception of my wife, of course...
    I headed back home tomorrow from AZ, hope Thanksgiving week travel isn't too messed up (touching wood as I type that)
    Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday!!

    1. Tom,
      As they say, "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while."

      I certainly think so and will definitely keep her. :-)

      She also mentioned yesterday that there's the typical Thanksgiving storm scheduled mid week which should screw up air travel at hubs in the center of the country. So, you've got that going for you. Stay safe, my friend

      Happy Thanksgiving, Tom!

  6. Just thinking of ideas on which I'd appreciate your commentary (making more work for you).There must be some way of determining (and publishing) the name(s) the paymaster(s) of Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz. I want to know how they supported themselves when they weren't "protesting". Were they unrelated individuals or were they part of a group? I'm not going to learn this from the MSM.

    1. Boron,
      My opinion would be that their paymaster is the US taxpayer via the federal gummint through welfare and/or unemployment benefits. However, it is definitely getting harder and harder to believe that there isn't an organized group behind it though. And, should that come out and that group has ties to gummint, I believe that will be the spark.

      And that's what keeps me awake at night.

    2. I don't know about that. June 2020 I watched a "spontaneous protest". Four local television news vans showed up and set up. A few minutes later three coach busses came and unloaded people. Two trucks arrived with the busses. Canopies were set up, sandwiches and drinks were handed out for Lunch. Out of one of the trucks, signs and t-shirts were handed out. The group moved so that the busses and trucks were out of sight. They yelled, screamed, lit a few things on fire (things they brought and placed)and yelled some more for the cameras. Then the fires were extinguished (extinguishers from the truck), the ashes were cleaned up and the trucks and busses were reloaded and they left. I was in a wedding party at a venue across the road, waiting for our turn to have the ceremony. The voices I heard had a New Jersey, Philly accent and we were in Western Pennsylvania. Somebody fronted the money for that protest and I believe that the people were hired. This wasn't the first time I've seen this. One was a Union hiring Day Labor people for a $15 per hour protest (the Union's name was on the van and the Day Labor company's name was on the busses.)

    3. It links back to organizations that are paid and controlled by a Hungarian Nazi who should have been imprisoned for his actions.

    4. jimC,
      That would have been a good time to pull out your phone and start filming (discreetly of course) ensuring you caught anything identifiable. "I was just videoing our wedding" is a good excuse, . The video would have gone a long way towards answering boron's question.

    5. Beans,
      Yeah and the truly sad part is every reader of this blog knows exactly who you are talking about as do all the politicians and other gummint employees...and NOTHING is done about it.

  7. Aced by Tuna? Now that's gonna leave a mark!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    P.S. Nice shed! 😁

    1. Yeah, whoda thunk it? Quiet guy, doesn't get out much, but when he does....25 hit's Lead, bullseye.

      Thanks, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your clan also.

    2. Sometimes a blind NFO hits the target!

    3. Ras used to tell me "It's better to be lucky than good, luck is more reliable." My experience hasn't contradicted that.

  8. I stayed at an RV park for a month that had a 12x24 shop and the size worked!

    Plywood... last week I saw sheets of 1/2 for less than $25 which is WAY better than it was no too long ago.

    1. Part of the price drop on lumber is.... Communist China beginning to economically collapse so they're not buying all the wood on the West coast for their construction projects. And, sadly, I can say that without wearing my tinfoil hat.

      But, yes, lumber prices have dropped. Fastener prices have not. But lumber yes. Tools no. Wood yes, for now.

      Let's Go, Brandon!!! Build back better or something.

    2. Rob,
      That must have been nice. Would be helpful to look at how it was setup and learn some new techniques or problem solvers.

      Fixin' to go to Lowes (got to order the house blocks for the foundation), haven't been down the plywood aisle in quite a while. Thanks for the motivational talk. ;-)

    3. Beans,
      Cheaper lumber and Communist China collapsing. I like win/win situations.

    4. There was a full door and ramp at one end and a person door on the side, as I recall the table saw was on casters so you could move it. There was a compressor too..
      I'm a big fan of those casters that you can put on things. My 'shop' is a free standing carport with 3/4 treated ply laying on the gravel for a floor (a temp building is ok, too close to the water for anything "permanent"). I bought aftermarket casters for the tablesaw and the band saw so they can live off to the side until they need more room.

    5. Rob,
      My table saw is on casters also and even in my tiny shop they came in pretty handy. A ramp is probably a getter idea than the concrete step. I'll probably still need a few pavers to get from the drive to the door/ramp, though. I've had a compressor for a while now, they come in pretty handy for a lot of things, to include blowing sawdust.
      Thanks for the tips.

  9. Oooooo!! New bigger workshed!!!!

    sooooo, exactly what does Mrs J want you to make in your new, bigger, awesomely brandy-spanking-new workshed?????

    Wooden toys for the newest, bestest, cutest grandkiddo???? There are some awesome patterns out there for ALLLL sorts of stuff...not just dollhouses, and baby-doll cradles, but trucks and cars too...

    But, not having to open the door to maneuver a full sheet of plywood around is definitely very cool!!

    PS: it was very nice of you to let Tuna ace you...he doesn't pipe up often, but he hits the mark very well when he does!!

    PPS: I wanna go plywood shopping where Rob does!! That is an awesome price for 1/2" plywood! Last I saw was over $50/full sheet of 3/4". So I said "next year!"

    1. Suz,
      Didn't realize you were a woodworker. Or maybe you mentioned it and...I think I talked about memory today. ;-)

      Any suggestions on sources for grandkid related projects? Asking for a friend.

      Re: Tuna. Like I mentioned to Sarge. Great Guy, Quiet, doesn't get out much. You know, the kind that sneaks up on you and lets you have it!

    2. My ex was a custom cabinet maker for about 20 years,(he moved his entire woodshop equipment stuff down from Alaska) and while I came along after he was forced into retirement due to a bad back injury, he would make stuff for Christmas presents/wedding gifts and I was drafted into being the finish sander as I don't mind the work, and enjoyed seeing the finished product. I used to do a bunch of furniture refinishing back in my 20's and 30's, and got fairly good at it...because I like nice stuff, and I am cheap...I mean thrifty...and I like to do stuff with my hands. And restoring stuff my Grammy had was something I enjoyed.

      Anyways, check this site out, it has easy stuff/good for 5-6mo old types as well as more complicated toys as kids get more mobile...and Grampa gets braver!! There is also a wood working magazine called Wood working I think, usually has about 5-6 projects in it with the plans.
      But that allcrafts one has free(!!) printable look there and see what you like. Or else just google wood toys and see what pops up.

    3. Thanks, Suz, I'll give them a look. I already subscribe to wood mag. You're right about it and I look forward to its arrival. Soon, I may even have room to try some of the projects.

  10. Ah, the Thunderbolt in it's natural habitat doing it's natural thing. Kind of the honey badger/wolverine of the air. Anything it ran across it defeated. Whoo!

    As to train busting, that was the one thing that Col. Leverette did not like. Ground attack in a P-38 wasn't fun or fair or something. He much preferred long-range escort duty and staying above the ground.

    Does the shed have a door on each end? And are you going to install a shop dust collection system? What, no graphic showing potential shop setup? Gonna get your staff electrician to hook it up? With 220 and 120 or just 120? Huh, huh, huh? What color paint and shingles? Drop a bomb like that on us as a tease and not expect to do some serious 'splaining?

    And... hurricane straps. Get as many installed as you can. It's worth the extra bucks to hold the sucker down.

    And a concrete pad in front, or at least pavers so you don't be stepping in mud and tracking it into the shop, plus it makes moving tools in and out easier.

    And shop LEDs are really nice.

    Mrs. Juvat for the win!

    1. If you watch the full version of the vid, and just after the section I clipped, the Phantom Driver commentator talks about why your Colonel didn't like Ground Attack. Unfortunately, the bad guys get a vote and the closer you are to them, the less lead they have to use to hit you. And if you're coming straight at them, they don't have to lead. And the foot pounds of energy are the velocity and mass of the buller(s) plus the 4-500 MPH of your airplane. Doesn't take much to take you out, and that's a bad thing because at low level the bailout success rate gets real low real fast. And if you do survive the bailout, you just annoyed the heck out of the surviving bad guys who are very likely to make sure you don't do that again....EVER.

      Shop questions.
      1) Doors, No only one. I want to maximize wall and floor space.
      2) Dust Collection. System? Eventually. Immediately? My shopvac and Cyclone dust collector will work for the time being.
      3) Electricity. Yes on the Electrician. 220? Gonna talk that over with him. I'm not sure if that's possible, actually, I'm not sure of the cost.
      4) Colors etc. The pic I posted is the exact specs we ordered. The salesman added them as we went through the order process and that came out prior to signing the papers and paying the man.
      5) Straps are part of the installation process
      6) Concrete pad, eventually. Pavers immediately, for sure.
      7) Shop LEDs? Looking at them in my previously mentioned Lowes Visit.
      8) Well...She won Christmas this year, making it 40 straight wins in that category. However, that date in September 39 years ago definitely made ME the WINNER!

  11. Good luck on your shed! Hopefully your county isn’t permit happy.

  12. Rib,
    No such luck. The fire pit in our guest house is counted (and therefore taxed) as a "Patio". I can only imagine what they'll be calling this.
    Probably a 4 bedroom condo. Bastiges!


  13. Good luck! And I'd like to wish all of you here a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks OldNFO,
      Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving also.

  14. I have always thought that OSHA was one of the terms that the Sarge did not like to see.
    (Can't be nice, go somewhere else.)

    1. Well, it is a four-letter word (sort of).

    2. I was being subtle in that comment, expecting someone to chime in and say OSHA wouldn't worry about something as small as a workshop. Nobody did. Which proves Sarge's comment is completely correct.

  15. And here on the north coast we move into winter and yeah, that is when I aim to do all those little household things I’ve put off for a …….while.

    1. Captain,
      Getting a tad chilly down here also (using the Texan definition of chilly <40F). But as to "Little household things I've put off..." I revert to my favored saying "Never give up, Never surrender!", they'll still be there in the spring or summer to put of a bit longer.

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. My sincere apologies for acing you out of your post, but piling on is perfectly acceptable. That one has been brewing in my mind for a couple weeks and the writtenhouse verdict just solidified it. Had I seen your post, I might have waved off, but Sarge gave me be all clear for Sunday, not waiting for my semi-usual Tuesday.

    1. No worries, Tuna, just pulling your leg, although I was planning to write along the same lines you did (and every other blogger I've read this past few days). So I took the shot, I was only below the minimum altitude for a short time, there was not danger!

      I know, Sarge, the next line is "And broke a major rule of engagement!"

      Mea Culpa!

      Have a great Thanksgiving, Tuna.

  17. Ive seen lots of gun camera film and very often see a wingman swing right in front of the shooter....yikes. I'll bet some of those flags on the cowl could be Stars and Stripes but that wouldnt be good for esprit de corps.

    1. SS,
      Situation Awareness is extraordinarily important in air combat (all combat actually, but air combat happens a bit more swiftly). It is very easy to be concentrating on your target and lose sight of your fellow friendlies or, even worse, your target's friendlies. As to Stars and Stripes, one would hope not, but it's definitely a possibility, especially with the low resolution of gun camera film back then.

  18. "…the complete circle etched by the pilot, using his rudders"…
    I might add missing the target completely and wasting ammo. But who am I to judge? We used to practically pray for a railhead sighting back in the day, but we were too busy bombing bamboo bridges "cutting the trail" HAH!
    Learned the the best way to do the railroad thing was parallel to the tracks, also the most dangerous way. Best like the fellow in the movie, perpendicular. Did use the rudder though with the gun, to spread the wealth around.

    1. LtFuzz,
      Well, in the longer version of the film, one of the commentators (An F-4 Driver), talked about this guy suppressing ground fire from troops around the train while the other Jug went for the throat.
      I quickly learned that using the rudder for strafing on the range was a very good way to 1) not get many scoreable hits and 2) really annoy the range officer and range crew. Based on that my first thought was the same as yours "wasting ammo".
      Minimizing time in the target area? Always a good idea.
      Hope you and your wife have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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