Saturday, September 10, 2022

Taking Time to Smell the Roses ...

The Missus Herself and Your Humble Scribe had the opportunity to go out to dinner last night with another couple, friends of course, while I don't mind strangers, I don't go out to dinner with just anyone. Harrumph.

We left the abode early, as dinner was at 1730 local and sometimes the traffic can be a bear. So of course, traffic was minimal and we arrived at the venue some forty-five minutes early.

As it was a lovely day, we rolled the windows down and took in the warm air, the soft breeze, and watched the mill pond stretched out to our front.

Yes, that is an actual mill pond.

Across the way is an antique place, not that we're in to antiques mind you, it's just there. We learned it was an antique place that very day. Can't beat the location.

Behind those trees is the restaurant itself, it goes by the name The Old Grist Mill for such it was at one time in the distant past. The building you see matches the architecture of the original, built in 1745, but which burned down in 2012. Sad to say, though the new building matches the old, the history which was in it, well, that's gone.

The building sits on rather a sharp curve which a tractor trailer failed to negotiate. The truck plowed into the building and destroyed it. (Story here.)

Particularly sad as we had dined there in the original building, had a number of lovely dinners with both family and friends. Sad to see it gone, but pleased to see it resurrected.

The food there is quite good, if you're ever in these parts, I highly recommend it.

The Sarge gives it four stars.
(Yes, I am smiling ...)
So yeah, no war today, we took some time to stop and smell the metaphorical roses. In actuality, we devoured a nice ribeye with shrimp. Two Guinness were had, and much enjoyed. One for me, one for the Blogfather.

The war will continue soon. Seems my consumption of two Guinness was a signal to the Muse to take the weekend off. I'll be here, she'll be oot and aboot.

So yeah ...

Be seeing you.


  1. Oh, you just like getting the Lady drunk and see what she writes, don't you?

    So, about the mill, I assume it was and undershot wheel as I don't see a lot of vertical height in the area and 1750ish is a tad early for a horizontal wheel.

    The geek in me abides...

    1. Couldn't say about the wheel, though a lot of the structure extends below ground. The top floor, what you can see in the photo, was the grist mill, the lower level was a saw mill. Far as I know the wheel was vertical. The pond drops about 15 feet right by the building which is probably where they had the water wheel. So yeah, an undershot wheel.

    2. Do you know how unusual it is for someone to make a remark about what type of waterwheel was used and for another person to understand and comment back? This... THIS... THIS is why I love this blog.

    3. We believe in research. I mean we have the vast resources of the World Wide Web, so we use 'em.

    4. Not surprising for people that read. So much esoteric knowledge accumulates (if remembered). On water mills, a delightful book "John Goffe's Mill" by George Woodbury (1948) tells of restoring his many great grandfather's grist and sawmill in New England...

    5. Remembering is he key, sometimes it's all in remembering where to look!

  2. Sad to see a bit of History disappear but there's always a desire to rebuild. Your Muse gets a weekend pass......enjoy Sarge.

  3. always did wonder what became of Ferdinand - ribeye, eh?

  4. Friends, family and fun. The 3 F's. Enjoy the recharge...

  5. We all need to enjoy the recharge as and when we can. An errand detailed supper at home so Bride and I headed to our local; nice to have a neighborhood place with good food, appropriate beverages and convivial folk.
    P'raps the Muse prefers half-and-half to straight Guinness - or a wee dram of the good stuff. Hope you both enjoy, we'll be here...
    Boat Guy

    1. The Muse and I have occasionally enjoyed a shot of Jameson's to help the Guinness down. I've had what you call "half-and-half," though I knew it by another name (until I studied the Easter Rising), and have enjoyed that as well. The Muse likes her Guinness as is, she says the mixing of it is for Sassenachs. Her words, not mine.

  6. I always enjoy having a meal with a view of the water. I think you and I have done that twice together. Gives me an idea for a post about my favorite places to do that.

    1. Why yes, yes we have. Let me know when you're ready to post, I look forward to it.


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