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That's What Ya Call Foreshadowing ...

Those who know, know ...
So ...

A very long time ago (2010 to 2012) I was laboring in exile at my place of employment's Andover, Massachusetts facility. Work was slow at the Home Office, I would travel the hundred miles to that place either Sunday evening or Monday morning, work four ten hour days (whilst laying my head down in a hotel each night) then do the reverse leg of the trip Thursday evening. Made for a long bloody week, I can tell you.

While there I discovered blogs, first it was the U.S. Naval Institute's blog, then, probably via a link at that blog, I found Neptunus Lex. The old link yet lives on the sidebar, be forewarned, don't chase it, it will take you to some fly by night gambling site. (The unscrupulous denizens of this planet enjoy snapping up expired web addresses then using them to some nefarious purpose.)

Juvat suggested I delete that link, well ...

It would pain me to do that, so, as the link is not harmful to those who should know better, it remains. It was there when I started the blog, it shall be there as long as the blog remains. If I ever come into amazing wealth, I shall buy the site back from the nefarious bastiches which misappropriated it and return it to what it once was. If I can. (Don't hold your breath, the odds of me becoming fantastically wealthy, though better than the odds of me becoming Pope, are vanishing indeed.)

Anyhoo ...

Lex's blog was my first stop every day (once I had coffee in hand). Lex is the reason I started this blog, if I couldn't read his stuff, well then, damn it, I would write my own. And here we are ...

Now, all that being said, what started as one guy morphed into two (with the addition of Tuna, who started as a guest poster, he'd send me stuff, I'd post it for him), then three (with the addition of juvat, who wanted the keys to the place from the day he signed on, and why not fellow Wolf Pack member that he is, we were contemporaries in Korea, back in the day), then to four (with the addition of Beans, who started life with another moniker became Beans after his first post, which was, not surprisingly, about beans, the kind you eat).

Now in theory there are five of us, at least according to the masthead. My daughter, yclept LUSH, is a member of the staff in name only, she has yet to write a post and I doubt she ever will. She's a Mom, married to a Navy fighter pilot, and has two very active daughters - in other words, she's raising three kids (sorry Big Time.)

And you may have noticed recently that we also have two guest bloggers, who send me (sometimes Tuna) stuff and we post it for them. There's Paweł, our Polish correspondent who gives us updates on the Russo-Ukraine war from time to time, and then there's John Blackshoe, our roving correspondent who provides us with interesting snippets of history and the occasional Lex post which he came across in the archives and felt like sharing.

Now JB is traveling about the country, as he wont to do, and he saw my plaint¹ t'other day about the well being dry, and me being lazy, er, I mean ill, so, as is his wont, he sent me a couple of Lex posts to perhaps use during this dry stretch I'm having.

Normally he sends me the text in a Word document, that I then transfer into blogger, along with any accompanying pictures, it isn't often that I can dig through the archives and find the original post by Lex with the comments and all. The two he sent me on Tuesday I was able to find in the Wayback Machine, so I'll be sharing those sometime in the next cuppla, should I not feel like blogging myself. Hey, it happens.

I love revisiting the original posts, though the Wayback Machine isn't the fastest of venues, it exists and it preserves Lex's legacy. 

Now I was a relative late comer to Lex's blog. I was barely following it (about seven months), before the mishap which took his life. So reading his old posts was something I found fascinating, when the old site went belly up, it was good to have this site instead. Once Bill Brandt found the Wayback Machine, I was able to revisit "old times," as it were. (Here's a reference to the circumstances of my finding Lex.)

So that's what's coming. A couple of back-to-back posts Lex made about a fellow he called Lazlo, comments and all.

As I revisit the title of this post, I guess it isn't foreshadowing if I tell you exactly what's coming ...

But "Exactly What's Coming" is such a boring name for a post, innit?

¹ In the sense of a lamentation, not a complaint, per se ...


  1. Lex was a jewel in the crown of blogdom.

  2. Ah.....the history major in me has my hands rubbing together, waiting in anticipation Sarge. However, no Monte Burns exclamation of "Exceeeelent"........... :)

  3. After 9-11 I was looking for information about what happened at the Pentagon that day. I came upon Steeljaw Scribe's site. The Steeljaws were VAW-122 and were a part of CVW-6, when I was in it with HS-15. (1984-1987) As I was reading Scribe's site I noticed the links along the side and that's how I found Neptunus Lex. I started reading and posting on Lex's site until it's end. Then I became a member of the Neptunus Lex Facebook page. Multiple people from there started posting links to this page and here I am. There's people on the Facebook page and on here that I have traded posts with for over 20 years and have never met them in person. It's like when I used to play the Pennsylvania State Dart Tournament. (1990-2014) There were people I knew from there and that was the only time I saw them each year.

    1. Steeljaw Scribe another favorite blog from back in the day!

    2. Of mine as well. Another blogger I miss is Weaponsman; an 18B SF guy whose site drew in Aesop (Raconteur Report) among others. Then there was Remus, may he RIP; a site of inestimable value, now dark.
      Ya see why we worry over ya, Sarge?
      Your health!
      Boat Guy

    3. I wiil try and remain active!

  4. Sarge,
    I'm not sure who I found first, you or Lex. Both of you write well and tell great stories, (some of which might, just might, actually be true) so I was hooked. I appreciated, and still do, the honor of posting my weekly diatribe. During my career in the AF, I learned about ten accidents through various sources where the Crew members killed, either Pilot and or WSO, were people I knew. The hardest was Rocket, one of the pilots under my direct command. That was a tough one to take. Where did I let him down, what should I have done or not done differently? Hearing about Lex was almost as hard. His postings made him seem to me as my brother. Many described things that were very similar to things that had happened to me. Including Rocket. So. yeah, I miss him. My idea of Heaven in the hereafter is being at the controls of an F-15 and having Lex, in his Hornet, calling fight's on and doing a little 1 v 1 with the man.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. A couple of awesome Lex posts are "in the hopper" for Friday and Saturday. JB suggested them, I could but agree!

      I'm buying after the 1 v 1, regardless of the outcome. (I'll have to find the post where Lex splashed four, yes four, Eagles. He swore it was true!)

  5. I always read Lex as soon as I coud, every day. I miss him.

  6. It's been a while, but I don't remember needing to be fabulously wealthy to buy a web site registry. I'd pitch in if needed and it came available.

    1. It's owned by a online gambling outfit in Indonesia, last I checked.


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