Thursday, April 25, 2024

The Ambush

Murdock knew that he was hurt, hurt bad. As they'd advanced down the alleyway, a flurry of gunshots had rung out. He'd felt a blow, low on his torso, just where his armor had ridden up as he ran forward at a crouch. It reminded him of the time his brother had whacked him with a 2 x 4.

He looked out at the alley, three members of his team were sprawled out there. One of them, he thought it was Jonesy, had been moving but a single shot had rung out and now he wasn't moving any more.

Holding his weapon with his left hand, he reached down, the pain was getting worse. He felt his lower abdomen, it was wet. He pulled his hand away, in the dim light from a nearby streetlamp, he could see blood, a lot of it.


The effort of shouting made him dizzy.

"Damn, I'm losing a lot of blood," he muttered to himself.


"Sarge, it's Jefferson, I'm with Wilson. I think he's dead."

The low voice came from across the alley. If Murdock squinted real hard, he thought he could make out the shape of a man in the shadow of the building across from him.

"Sarge, they winged me, it hurts a little but I think I'm okay. Are you okay?"

Murdock grimaced, Jefferson sounded worried. He managed to gasp out ...

"Gimme a minute, I need to patch myself up."

As Murdock fumbled for his first aid kit, he needed to stop the bleeding, probably needed a unit or two of whole blood by now too, he heard footsteps, a flurry of gunshots followed.

"Sarge, I'm here."

Murdock shook his head, "Are you f**king nuts, Jefferson?"

"Nah Sarge, I'm scared shitless. Jesus, we need to patch you up, real quick." Jefferson had just noticed the puddle underneath his sergeant, it wasn't water.

"Come on, Jack, we need to boogie."

Jack Morgan felt the hand on his shoulder, his eye was still glued to his scope, he'd just missed the big man who had scrambled from one side of the alley to the other. He'd been watching the other side, he knew that he'd wounded another guy who'd managed to get to cover. One of the dead men in the alley he'd had to shoot a second time, bastard was still moving.

"Did you talk to those idiots on the M-60?" he asked Ephraim Johansen, the guy he was with.

"Yeah, told 'em not to waste so much f**king ammo next time. Assholes sprayed the entire alley, more bullets in the walls and pavement than in the guys they were shooting at. Now come on, you know those guys down there have backup coming in, right?"

"Right, let's get outta here."

"What happened?" The captain was pretty blunt, the look on his face said all that Jefferson needed to know. The man was furious and embarrassed at the same time.

"It was a set-up, call came in, we geared up and responded. We parked the van down at the end of the alley. Suspects were supposed to be an alley over, to the south in an old warehouse. These bastards were expecting us. It was an ambush, Cap'n."

"Yeah, no shit."

Captain Harry DuPont turned and watched as the ambulance pulled out. He also noticed that they drove off with no lights, no siren, which meant that Murdock was probably dead.

"Jefferson, you go with Wolters, he'll send someone to collect the van. Right now I need you back at the office, get your statement while it's still fresh in your mind. Go."

"Is Murdock gonna be okay?" Jefferson was on the edge of going into shock, DuPont knew the signs.

"Probably not, he lost a lot of blood."


"Yeah, Jefferson, damn. Now get out of here."

DuPont watched as Wolters led Jefferson away. What a shitty night this had turned out to be.


  1. How long until the first death results from all the anti-Jewish demonstrations happening across the country?

    1. Maybe already happened. At least one major injury, a woman losing an eye after being stabbed in said eye by a Hamas flag bearer.

      Who would report it? The Media? The FBI? Thousands of ways to cover up a violent death. And to inflate a death, like the Charleston Land Whale that died of a heart attack but a man, who was trying to escape the crowd, got pinned with her death.

    2. You make a good point. As usual.

  2. The joys of urban combat. Must be California, San Francisco to be specific. Members of "Shrimp Boy's" tong setting up the police and using The Pig they got from Leland Yee. (lordy, what a piece of work he is. MAN! I'm cynical this morning. I get that way towards the end of Lent.)

    I like the new layout - very easy for these old eyes to read.

    1. Not necessarily California, we shall see.

    2. As I said, cynical. My commentary on the capons and wethers in our Legislature constantly doubling down on their attacks on the Constitution while at the same time working to create a safer working environment for thugs.

    3. I'm of the opinion that California needs to be placed under martial law and have most of its politicians (ahem) terminated.

    4. I'd say make California a territory again and put it under military governorship but looking at today's modern military leaders... well... yeah....

    5. Let the Texas National Guard govern it. I think they'd have fun with that.

  3. Except for the M60 this sort of thing has become all too common for policemen lately. In England troublesome police meet up with knives and clubs, in Sweden hand grenades and such.

    Religion of peace.

    1. Not necessarily police, kinda like police. I'd say more but that might give things away.

    2. Amazing how much more peaceful Sweden is over the US of A, well, except we don't have weekly grenade attacks and we report actual deaths from Southwest Asian and Sub-Saharan African murderers.

    3. From Scandinavian paradise to 3rd World Shithole in a single generation.

  4. Ooh, Ooh, a New Story! I'm excited!

    I also like the new formatting. As Joe said, very easy on the eyes.

    Thanks, Sarge

    1. I am kinda in love with the new Navy blue font.

    2. Thumbs up on the new blue font Sarge!

    3. The blue font is good, Sarge! You might want to keep our comments black. It set them off from the author.

    4. I'm still experimenting with the comments, keeping them distinct is a goal!

  5. Yay, ice cream! The Muse has returned!
    Even if it is to describe a "shitty night"; it's still Sarge and the Muse, together again!
    Of course it's too early to tell if the guys who were ambushed are the good guys or not. We'll be waiting.
    Boat Guy

    1. As to who the good guys are, that does remain to be seen, haven't really decided myself. Might be both, could be neither.

  6. Oh, and the blue font IS nice, thanks!

    1. I noticed after a day or so that it is easier on my old guy eyes.

  7. I am liking the new blue font too, Sarge.

    I always like it when The Muse shows up.

  8. Muse visit, ++
    Blue font, +, I suppose; hadn't noticed the change until I went back and looked.
    Story ++
    Stories almost always have our side, the "good guys" and the enemy, "bad guys"; some actually have (mostly you, Sarge) honorable and not, which I greatly prefer.

  9. How to properly use an MG in an ambush. Suck the lead elements into the fire sack, shoot them with regular arms, wait for reinforcements to arrive and then blow them away with the MG. Then do the bug-out boogie. Fire should be bursts, not completely full auto.

    Good story. I can see this happening in Maine with all the anti-gun legislature that will become law in that state soon.

    And, of course, who can forget a NY(F)C judge who said that the 2nd Amendment didn't exist in NY(F)C? Yeah...

  10. Sarge, remember when the Michigan National Guard and the 82 and 101 Airborne went into Detroit in 1967? Armed for combat, with vehicles toting loaded 50 caliber MGs. It was not a good night to light a match in a window. They would hose any sudden light that might look like a sniper firing.


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