Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It Saddens Me, It Sickens Me

Tragedy stalks the news cycle these past few days. The ghouls of the Main Stream Media (MSM) are milking the shocking carnage which took place in Connecticut for every last drop of sensationalism. The professional mourners and victims come forth to show everyone just how sad they all are. Vigils are held, candles are lit, tears are shed.

At the end of the day the families are once again left alone in their grief. Left alone to face that howling emptiness that can never be filled. Left alone to face the agony of the coming years with thoughts of what might have been and now will never be.

Something is wrong with our society. We're seeing the so-called experts crawling out of their sewers now to tell us just how truly evil firearms are. We're seeing the same flaming idiots and their fellow travelers who caused the problems with our society in the first place spewing their ignorance in the MSM. The proponents of the nanny state, the paladins of Big Government who "know what's best for you" are at it again.

Let me say that first of all, this is most emphatically NOT a gun control issue. This is first and foremost a mental health issue and secondly it is, to me at any rate, another symptom of the abject failure of our society thanks to the socialists and Progressive Elements in this country.

Now that I've said my piece, head on over to Blackfive and read this. Froggy has "been there, done that".


  1. I'm gonna boycott the news for the rest of this week. I sat down to watch the PBS Newshour (I've been a regular viewer of the show since 1983) and HAD to turn it off after about ten minutes, all because of what you've said here.


    1. I have been semi-boycotting the MSM news outlets for quite some time now. I wait until I hear something which could be interpreted as a fact, i.e. someone, somewhere saw or heard something. Then I head on out to the innertubz to see what I can see (sort of the bear went over the mountain, if you get my drift). From multiple sources I can discern: What happened, where did it happen, who did it happen to. Then I can determine whether or not I am affected (which includes extended family and friends) or whether it is just "something which has happened which is either good or bad". That way I can ignore/avoid all of the editorial spin which apparently so called "news-people" think constitutes reporting. To put it in simple terms: I turn on the B.S. filter.

  2. I haven't watched MSM for years, I've always been working at newstime, which is a blessing. When I read the morons on the op-ed page it makes me want to shred the paper. It seems we cant let these people mourn & grieve their losses, lets sensationalize everything to point of nausea while we blame guns, NRA, et al. tiring & sickening...

    1. I hear ya Greg, the MSM lost me and my respect during the Vietnam War. Though we were young in those days, I had a feeling that they were lying much of the time. Talking to older cousins and older brothers of a few friends who had been in Vietnam, I had it from the horse's mouth, the media was clueless even then.


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