Saturday, December 1, 2012


December is upon us. Like they say, "Tis the Season". But the season for what? I humbly ask.

Inundated with car commercials and other products hijacking the month of December, I am OUTRAGED. Outraged I tell you. Here is what the season is for me:

I keep Christmas in my heart the year 'round, but especially now. It's not about sales, it's not about conspicuous consumption. It's about the Birth of the Messiah, the coming of Our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Just wanted you all to know where this Old Air Force Sergeant stands. I stand with that wee bairn in the manger and the Man he grew to be. I stand with Jesus.

May your lives be blessed by God, may you know love and happiness!


  1. The commercialization of Christmas has long been a hot button of mine. I'm not devout, I'm not even a Christian, but this country IS so. A little more respect for our traditions... and a LOT less advertisements... would be a great good thing.

    1. Respect for tradition is a hallmark of a civilized nation. We are, if not already there, close to becoming uncivilized.

  2. Thanks, I could not agree more. The reason for Christmas has long been forgotten in many places. I am sick and tired of our leaders apologizing for the fact that USA was founded on Christian principles by men who believed in Jesus.

    1. Indeed we are a Christian nation. It's what the numbers tell us, it's what tradition made us.


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