Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why We Need Assault Rifles

After listening to all of the idiots, lunatics, so-called experts and just plain stupid folks over the past few days, I thought I'd just clarify why we, the American people, need assault rifles.

No, I don't need it for hunting.

No, I don't particularly like to fire off multiple rounds just for the hell of it. That gets kind of expensive and simply wastes ammunition.

I'd also like to point out that the right to keep and bear arms is not granted by the Constitution. The Constitution simply bars the government from taking away that right. Also note, if the ability to do something is given to you, that's not a right that is a privilege. The right to keep and bear arms is an inalienable right.

All that aside, what is the primary reason why the American people need assault rifles?


...to protect ourselves from the government.


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    1. I had a feeling that you would "get it" SKK.

      To me, this is the only level on which the 2nd Amendment makes sense.

      Smart guys those Founding Fathers...

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    1. I had a feeling that you too would "get it" Buck.

  3. Did you see Padre Harvey's post? Excellent take on the whole lost liberties issue that people tend to ignore when it comes to gun control and an assault weapons ban. People feel they have to do something to prevent themselves from feeling like they're condoning the violence I suppose. We're fairly impotent against such evil, so they seek to do the only thing they can- seek to restrict freedom from the many, just to (wrongly) believe that will make a difference. Many of these aren't partaking in their right to bear arms so they have no problem taking it from others.

    1. Yes I did, on Facebook and over at "Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid". The good Padre hit the nail right on the head. This need to "do something, anything" is a knee-jerk reaction in our instantaneous gratification society. You make some good point too Tuna. Those who don't partake in their right do figure "What's the big deal?"

      I see on the cover of today's USA Today the headline, "Obama Demands Gun Plan". Illustrates his basic stupidity and arrogance, we already have a "gun plan", it's called the 2nd Amendment.

    2. They and their supporters have no respect for the 2nd Amendment. They think it's okay to trash it - just like they've trashed the rest of the Constitution.

    3. I'm starting to think they have no respect for anything SKK. Tradition, the Constitution, Western Civilization, Religion, well it's a long list, suffice to say.

  4. Good points, Sarge. Right on the money. And I agree with you response to Susan...they have no respect for any of the things that once provided cohesion for our society.

    1. Somehow we need to fix this mess. Still working on the "how" part.


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