Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now What?

I read some rather "disturbing crap" over at This Ain't Hell which I just had to share, and discuss. Or perhaps "share my disgust" would be more appropriate. I ranted quite freely over there. Go read and come back here (feeling free to vomit if you're Air Force, laugh if you're not).

Political correctness, sensitivity, let's all hold freakin' hands and sing Kumbaya. After Costas' idiocy and this, it's shaping up to be a crappy week.

OMG. What's next?


  1. I read all the comments over at "Hell," and agree with most of 'em.

    As for our PC AF... I think the worst began when they replaced the Hap Arnold with that abomination you use to illustrate this post.

    1. Oh my brother-in-arms, you so GET IT! I think you're spot on as to establishing a Time Zero for the new PCAF. Sad innit?

    2. Thanks for that. You wouldn't have wanted to be around me for a week or two after AF announced the new symbol, though. My oldest said something to the effect of "you're becoming insufferable... you know that?" To which I replied "Don't provoke me!"


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