Monday, December 30, 2013

Enjoying Myself I Am


I see that Tuna has been keeping you all entertained.

Well done Tuna.

Just wanted to throw a quick post out here before the year is over.

It's been a fun year, stats are up, quite a few new members and I'm seeing new folks starting to comment. Just what I had hoped for.

Still in Michigan. Eating too much, drinking more than I usually do. (Don't panic, that just means one or two glasses of beer a day, as opposed to one or two glasses of beer per month.) Watching a lot of football, having fun with the kids, the granddaughter and Big Time's family. Great folks.

Tomorrow is the Nuke's birthday and New Year's Eve. I will no doubt be busy. So until I get back to Little Rhody, read those folks linked over there on the side bar and whatever Tuna might post. He has some excellent stuff in the pipeline.

Until next time...
Happy New Year!

From Papa Big Time's laptop...
In lovely Brownstown, MI...
The Old AF Sarge sends.


  1. And a happy & blessed New Year to you and yours, Sarge!

  2. Thanks for checking in. Got a little worried what with traveling and the nut jobs that pass for drivers. Got to do a little 75 mph off roading on the way back home yesterday, so I'm a little testy.

    Have a great New Year's and wish the Nuke a Happy Birthday for us. Oh, and a safe trip home!

    1. I assume the off-roading was not voluntary. That would make a preacher swear methinks.

      Copy all on your last, WILCO.

      Best wishes for the New Year Juvat!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours, Chris.


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