Sunday, December 15, 2013

Odds And Sods...

Navy 34 - Army 7
Yesterday's big game started in that weather shown above. As the game deteriorated into a blow-out, the weather followed suit by becoming a slushy, wet mess. Didn't dampen the morale of the Middies and Cadets in the stands though. Ah, to be young again!

The snow was around all day yesterday here at Chez Sarge. From the late morning until late afternoon it was just random flakes falling here and there. Very picturesque but it was rather brisk for the early part of the day. Didn't even reach 20 degrees (Fahrenheit, natürlich) until mid afternoon.

After the sun went down though, the snow started to pick up. The view from the upper battlements at the Manse was rather nice (I thought) so I took a few snapshots. Which I will now inflict upon share with you. (It's what I do, I share...)

To the North, With Flash On

Now for that first picture I left the flash on. Immediately noticed that the snowflakes near the camera reflect back a lot (most?) of the light. Giving that light on the building in the distance a rather unearthly quality. (Well, I thought so anyway.) So for the next shot, I turned the flash off, and we see this -

To the North, With Flash Off

You can see more detail though it is a bit blurry (to turn the flash off, you disable the "Smart" capabilities of the camera, apparently that also disables the "anti-wobble" feature as well. D'oh!)

While I think the first photo looks very ethereal and all, the second shows what's back there behind the Estate. But the second photo also looks colder. The next two are the same type of sequence, flash, then no flash. Two photos of my shed (made "famous" during last February's blizzard).

Captain's Log, Star Date...
Has sort of a star field look to me.

I find the reddish hue of this photo kind of interesting. Street lights maybe?

So that was my Saturday. Pretty exciting , neh? No, not really.

Oh and you "bloggers" from over the seas? While I find it interesting that you'd take the time to stop by and leave a comment, I'm not really interested in providing you free advertising for your t-shirt printing e-store or "what have you". Stop by and say "Hi", that's okay. Leave a link to some website, yer comment gets deleted. Sorry, but 'dems da rulz! My blog, my rules.

御免なさい! (Gomen nasai - sorry...)

So let it be written, so let it be done!


  1. I agree with that no link rule! Some people have no shame, that's why you'll never catch me suggesting people go to and check out "I Used to be Stupid" or "Maybe it's just Me!" I have scruples.

  2. I like trying to fake out the "Smart" features on my camera ...if I have time.
    I have a couple of shots from the other day I took only about 30 seconds apart.
    The contrast is absolutely amazing.

    Last week Goggle+ (yeah ...I know it's wrong) autoenhanced a photo I took of snow falling in my back yard.
    About the only thing wrong is their flakes were too big.

    Anyway I usually like the effect of ambient light in my photos.
    Though sometimes I wish I could turn off the streetlight in front of my house.

    1. Occasionally Google+ will tell me it uploaded one of "my" photos (they're not always "mine"). So I get the reference.

      The Nuke gave me this camera some years back. I've really started playing with it more lately.

    2. I'm with Skip: ambient light... except indoors.

    3. It kind of depends on the situation for me. And the quality of that ambient light.

  3. I like that first picture with flash. It says "snow storm" quite cleartly.

    1. I was startled at first. I really like the way it turned out.

  4. I really like the snow pictures. Mine just look like I put a kitchen towel over the lens.

    I agree with the no link unless it's a friend to a link to just a funny or interesting article, no advertising. I get quite a few of those, and it's obvious they didn't even read the post. To SPAM All of you!

    1. Hahaha. Nice imagery. But you do have a way with words.

      Link to a friend, an article, a cool picture, those are always welcome. But selling stuff? No thanks. If I find something I like, I'll link it. (Like the stuff under "Photos and Art".)

  5. Better y'all than us... Snow is NOT our friend down here... :-)

  6. I love a football game in the snow.

    Hmmmmmm. Let me add something... I love a good football game in the snow on TV. I really do. I hope it snows a blizzard for the Super Bowl this year.

    Love the first shot, the one with flash on.

    1. Same here. I did play one time in the snow, back in high school. It was cold, it was wet and (bear in mind how young I was at the time) it was fun.

      Snow for the Super Bowl? I would love that.

      (The first shot is my favorite too!)

  7. It is to laugh. I went walking last night at 0300, since it was lovely, dark, and deep with new fallen snow. I walked down the road beyond the little kids school to the middle school where some other kids had erected a wonderment. I took pictures with my camera, flash disabled, so I would not alert the neighbors and went on my merry way. By the time I went by many hours later, in the daylight, the wonderment had been thrown down to the ground and stamped flat by what I'm pretty sure was outraged adults. I think I'm getting to be almost as smart as my camera. Give me a few more years and I'll have it nailed.

    1. One certainly wonders what monument to adolescence the young had erected to cause the adults to trample it so.

      No doubt someone's delicate sensibilities had been offended. (There's a lot of that going around.)


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