Sunday, December 15, 2013


Twice today I've seen this:
Another one of those moments, another of those days that I would have preserved in amber if I could, and kept someplace safe. To bring it out like the phial of Galadriel – to be a light for me in dark places, when all other lights go out.
It is one of those timeless thoughts left to us by Lex.

My memories are like that. That phial of Galadriel. I have so many happy memories of my own childhood and of my childrens' childhoods. I have many new memories centered around my grandchildren. I have so much to be thankful for. When I feel down or alone, I can think back to one of those times in the past and it truly is a light in the darkness.

But there are many who will be alone during this Season of Light. Some who have lost touch with their families, some who must be apart from their loved ones because of the call of duty. Their numbers are legion. Spare a thought for them during this time.

And then there are those whose loved one went out the door one day and never returned. Leaving behind only a howling emptiness. Another phrase from Lex.

This is his family's second Christmas without him.

There are others who lost loved ones this year, those families who will face this joyous time with only the memory of the one they lost. This year will hurt. Perhaps in future times they will be able to think back and remember that lost loved one. Maybe see, if only in their hearts, that smile, that grin - one more time.

Spare a thought, and a prayer, for them.


  1. We lost my father-in-law this year which you may remember mentioning here in Chez-Sarge. That has somewhat dampened the mood 'round these parts, with my wife having trouble getting into the spirit of the season with him being gone. Their family has some wonderful memories of him during Christmas (falling off the roof in a Santa Suit, shooting down their Christmas Tree, et al.), and knowing there won't be any new ones it hitting her hard. It will be a season or two until she can see those memories as a light, vice ones that remind her that he's gone, but it will happen.

    1. I remember it all too well. He was foremost in my mind while writing that next to last paragraph. My best to your wife, your kids and (of course) you.

  2. Thanks for taking me back to that first post of Lex's, Christopher. I was right back there, I recalled that year vividly when I read my own comments on the post and it was ... bittersweet. Both for the loss of Lex and the fact that Christmas just isn't the same now that my girls are older. Fleeting moments, indeed. One last thought - even though we have the Neptunus Lex Super Secret FB page (and I am eternally grateful that we do), reading back through the comments on Lex's post makes me miss, not *just* Lex, but the community we had there. Maybe it's because I still haven't figured out who some of the people are (old call signs to current names) or maybe because some are missing but ... it just ain't the same.

    Ah, well, I haven't read the post at the Lexicans yet that inspired this. Off there now.

    1. That community was something else. Not sure we'll ever match that anywhere. Bittersweet.

  3. Twice today I've seen this:

    Three for me. ;-)


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