Saturday, January 18, 2014

Goin' Up to Boston

Friday night The WSO and Little Bit flew into Boston. So we had to go pick them up at Logan International. Yes, I had to drive up to Boston. During rush hour. Fun? No, not at all. But there is a certain charm in taking an hour to go seven miles. Gives one time to ponder all the mysteries of how some people actually managed to get their driver's license.

But, it's great to have the youngest daughter and her daughter (my oldest granddaughter) around. The WSO heads back to Lemoore on Monday. Lots of carrier aviation type flying for her in the offing and Big Time is out in the wild training newbie pilots. So Little Bit gets to hang out with us here in Little Rhody for a spell.

Will she be spoiled? Of course.

The Missus Herself has already taken her to Toys 'R Us. I don't think it will be the last time.

Blogging will be light this weekend. As I sat down to write this short blurb, a little voice wanted to know, "What are you doing Grandpa?"

"I'm blogging sweetie."

"No. We have to watch Curious George."

Oh well. After all I am a fan of the wee monkey. But what's the deal with that guy in the yellow hat? Does he have a job? How does he support himself and George?

Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted.


  1. I once picked up my parents at Logan. I drove up from Newport in my RX-7, picked them up, had lunch at Harvard Square and then took them down to the visitor's quarters at Newport for the weekend. Evidently the back of an RX-7 is more comfy than I thought because they decided I should take them to Rosarita for dinner when they visited me in San Diego. We didn't even get a second look from the Border Patrol as we drove back through the checkpoint at San Ysidro.

    1. Wow! An RX-7? Your parents sound much more adventurous than my own.

  2. "No. We have to watch Curious George."

    Oh well. After all I am a fan of the wee monkey.

    You're a MUCH better grandfather than I. My response would have been (and most certainly HAS been) "Well, you run along now and go watch it. I'll be right here if you need me." I think my most significant accomplishment as a grandfather was teaching one of the granddaughters to fetch me beer from the fridge when she was about three years old. That lesson stuck; the girl is 22 now and still brings me beer. I'm blessed.

    1. Well, they are best trained when still young.

      While The WSO probably wouldn't mind, I'm sure The Missus Herself would no doubt read me the riot act if I attempt to teach any of the grands beer fetching technique!

  3. LOL, you're gonna be BUSY... :-)

    1. Little Bit expects things "just so". Woe unto them who don't listen.

      "Busy" is probably an understatement!


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