Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yup, Another Quiz

Now I don't copy everything Buck does, just some things.

Like the post I'm working on (and it's becoming rather longish) about the places I've lived. I got that from this post of Buck's.

As I have wasted spent the weekend watching the NFL playoffs (hey, I quit smoking, surely I can kick this habit!) blogging has been rather weak and sporadic.

Okay, a link to c w's place and a couple of new member "welcome aboard" posts. That's it. I figured my version of Buck's "small town's I have lived in" post would be the big one for the weekend. Nope. Not gonna finish it.

Because Buck went and did this. Another freakin' political leanings quiz!

I can't resist these. So here's what I got -

I agree with Buck's take on this thing. While it's semi-accurate as to my political leanings, (note I said "semi") the assumptions made in this thing are ridiculous.

Liberals prefer the Met to Times Square? Prefer cats to dogs? Also they prefer more modern browsers (say what?) and apparently have messy desks.

And apparently all gun-owning, right wing nutjobs like me prefer action movies to documentaries. Um, it actually depends on the documentary and the action movie Priscilla. Sometimes it's the other way around.

Until today I didn't know what "fusion cuisine" was. I am such a non-liberal.

I'm not going to link to the quiz. Don't want to steal any of Buck's thunder. The link is at his place. Go there and be amazed.

Once again...

I blame Buck.

Now back to working on my version of Buck's other post.

Copy-cat blogging, it's all the rage!


  1. As I said at Buck's, I scored a 26 conservative and 74 liberal (at least that's what I think I said over there - maybe it was 24 - 76.) I consider myself a Libertarian, but I knew damn well that wouldn't be one of the results. If grading strictly on Conservative-Liberal, I consider myself a bit more conservative. The absence of any question concerning religious belief probably doomed me to a more liberal score. Being something of a fundamentalist, that would probably send me much more toward the right than the left.

    1. Heh. I question the scientific accuracy of this quiz. To me these things tell me more about the people who created them.

      And no libertarian outcome? What were they thinking?

  2. You beat me with that final second field goal. 86-14 Conservative. I'm in agreement that I'm not sure these things mean anything at all.

    1. Well, if your guy hadn't jumped offside...

      And really, a one point difference between the two of us? There weren't that many questions. Methinks there was weighting involved!

  3. Scatter shooting the way through the week, eh? :-)

    1. Reconnaissance by fire...

      Just open up and see what jumps!

  4. You're a gentleman and a scholar, Sir. AND a conservative! What's not to like? ;-)

  5. 83% Conservative and 17% Liberal.
    Me, of all people ... who woulda thunk it?!
    Yeah, I think not.


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