Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Of Things Various and Diverse

In the room where I spend a considerable amount of time, I have lots and lots of stuff.

Various stuff.

Diverse stuff.

Interesting stuff. (Well, it's interesting to me at any rate.)

Many of these items The Missus Herself likes to refer to as "junk".

I beg your pardon...

There is no (ahem) "junk" in what I refer to as "the computer room". (Sometimes I call it "the war room" or "Command Central". That's just me, being me...)

Mind you, it's not a man cave for there is no big screen TV or other entertainment device therein. Other than the computer of course.

That item at left? That, Dear Reader, is what's known as a pickelhaube. Turning to my favorite source (Wikipedianaturellement) we get the following -
The Pickelhaube (plural Pickelhauben; from the old German Pickel = "point" or "pickaxe", and Haube = "bonnet", a general word for headgear), also "Pickelhelm," was a spiked helmet worn in the 19th and 20th centuries by German military, firefighters, and police. Although typically associated with the Prussian army, the helmet was widely imitated by other armies during this period.
Yup, I believe you could translate that word as "pointy hat". So yes, I have a pointy hat in my room. A rather old pointy hat of Teutonic origin. Which makes it cool.

Rather than strange.

As always, your own mileage in this instance may (and probably does) vary.

Then there is my collection of action figures.

No, they are not dolls.

Dolls are not armed.

And they don't have halftracks.

Then again...

And yes, the Navy has a presence in my Fortress of Solitude -

They have their own boat and a .30 cal.

The Naviguesser says the Chief (0ver there on the right wearing khakis) isn't very accurate.

When I asked, "What do you mean, not accurate?"

He replied, "Where's his coffee cup?"

Kids nowadays.


  1. Looks like good, cool stuff to me. And the Naviguesser is right about the coffee cup. White. China. Anchor on the side. You know the drill.


    1. I must get one of those. Scaled down of course.

  2. Yep, missing coffee cup and no hole in the bow... :-)

  3. Ok, you get man points for the Spiked Hat of Awesome Deadliness but, dude....Dolls? Navy Dolls?

    1. Well Six, when you put it that way, it just feels, I dunno, sordid?

    2. Six- they aren't dolls, they're Action Figures. Get your lingo straight!

    3. Thanks Tuna. Action figures have equipment and gear. To me the distinction is clear.

      Dolls wear dresses.


      Bueller? Bueller...

  4. Dude! What goes on in one's Man Cave/War Room/Command Central/Computer Room ain't nobody's bidness but yours! Only because I'm not going to detail what's in my version.

    1. Easy Juvat. No one is asking you to share.

      But now our suspicions are aroused. Hhmm...

  5. Maybe I should call all the stuff I have accumulated in MY ROOM a collection?
    That would still mean there is a lot that needs to be removed.

    1. I consider that once an item has been in the room for a certain period of time it becomes a "collectible".

      No, my wife doesn't buy that.


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