Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Tuesday, It's Cold and...

Just another day in paradise. It's cold out there. But not the coldest in the country, nor the coldest I've ever seen. (That Dear Reader would be -40 degrees. That's right, I said "minus". With no wind chill. Did I go out in it? Yup - for about three seconds. Child please, cold like that is painful.)

Positively balmy at 10 degrees (Fahrenheit, natürlich). Except when the wind blows.

And in January the wind is always comin' in off the mighty Atlantic here in Little Rhody. So yeah, she's a bit brisk out there.

Since I quit smoking some months ago (14 months, 2 days and 14 hours, but who's counting?) the outside is something I can skip if I choose. Out the door to go to work and out again to come home from work. Especially if it's cold. Or wet. Or blustery. Or too hot...

But I digress.

Tomorrow may (or may not) see an improvement in the temperature. As long as my car starts and the heat works at Chez Sarge, I have few complaints.

Oh. How did Tuesday turn out? Well, she got off to an early lead. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was working at work 'til round about 0940 local. Computers were being recalcitrant, bosses were being mildly inquisitive and impossibly dense. But eventually it all got sorted.

While I didn't kick Tuesday's butt, she didn't kick mine either. Let's call it a draw.

Stand to your guns Wednesday...
Ich komme!


  1. Some days, a draw is the best for which one can hope!

    1. Tuesday started with a call from my wife saying there was no water in the house. And went downhill from there.

      14 in the Texas Hill Country.


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