Wednesday, February 25, 2015

After Juvat, After Tuna

Anya Discovers Her Tail
Here's how my week seems to go:
  1. Sunday - Ah, I can take the day off, Juvat has Monday covered.
  2. Monday - Wow, excellent story Juvat! Okay, Tuna has something queued up, so I can take today off as well.
  3. Tuesday - Saturday. Nose to the grindstone, trying to come up with good stuff that you, my faithful readers, can enjoy. (While working my day job as well!)
Blogging ain't for the timid, I can tell you.

Trying to come up with really good material after Juvat and Tuna have had their turn at the wheel is sometimes a bit difficult. They are getting "scary good" at this blogging thing.

But when in doubt, when a dearth of ideas stands in my way...

There's always stuff on the Tube o' You...

('Tis longish, but there are Tomcats, Phantoms and Intruders. Oh my!)


  1. Anya's got nothing on this guy:

    1. Man, that dog is crazy. Bit of Cujo in him me thinks.

      (What really freaked me out is that we used to have that exact same piece of furniture, same color, same model. Thank the Lord it didn't come with a dog!)

  2. Movies are good, Coach Err..Sarge!

    Liked the sideburns and staches in the ready room towards the end.

    1. Sometimes a little video is good for ya!

      Yeah, the Eighties. Good times.

  3. "Blogging ain't for the timid..."

    Well, Sarge, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    1. BTW - Sebastian the Great captures his tail on a regular basis and still doesn't seem to understand that it is attached until he bites it.
      Then he nonchalantly acts as though he meant to do it.

    2. Well of course he does. It's what cats do.

  4. I used to have a VHS of that. It was a copy of a copy of a copy, but it was still a favorite of mine.

    I especially enjoy the scene where they drop check the F-14 airframe.

    Lots of other good videos on the Tube of You. Including commercials:

    1. Hahaha!

      Side by side comparisons, good shopping technique.

  5. And all that was done with A models... Lousy engines...


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