Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five Hundred Thousand

U. S. Air Force Photo by MSgt Michael Ammons
I started this blog almost three years ago. The first month the blog had 648 hits.

Six hundred and forty eight.

Now I'll see that many hits in a day.


I have to say, I'm having fun with this little experiment in story telling, historical discourse and the occasional trivia session.

Oh yeah, the occasional rant. Sometimes we have rants.

I have two co-bloggers now, Juvat and Tuna.

Both, like me, are retired military. Tuna was Navy, Juvat was Air Force. Both, unlike me, were officers. Both, unlike me, were flyers. Juvat flew Phantoms and Eagles, Tuna was a Naval Flight Officer in the Mighty War Hoover.

U.S. Navy Photo
U.S. Air Force photo by SSgt Kenya Shiloh
In my early days, I maintained the Weapon Control Systems (think radar and gunsight) on old Double Ugly, the F-4C and the F-4D.

We couldn't have made this place work without the good folk who "tune in" every day to read what we have to offer. We really appreciate you, our Dear Readers. Even the ones who don't comment. Hey, every blog has to have "lurkers," right?

Anyhoo. I'm going to go rest on my laurels for a while. I might be back with more later today. Hard to say.

I need to kick back and savor the moment.

Seriously, my (our) thanks to all of you.

You keep reading, we'll keep writing.

In other news, it snowed again on Saturday.
Oh boy...
Feeling blue?
(Nah, just a trick of the light...)


  1. Congratulations! Nothing succeeds like success. Keep this up and you'll be rich in no time. Now get back to work--we need more free ice cream here.

  2. Congratulations and Id expect you'll keep getting more. You gentlemen are doing a great job running an informative and interesting blog.

    1. Congrats on your blogging! I do enjoy dropping by. Ten years ago today, I started blogging. It has been a good ride - especially meeting other bloggers and making new friends.

    2. Thanks Aaron and Lou.

      Murph, behave. (Hahahahahahahahahahaha! That is still one of my favorite things to do.)

    3. More Snow? Bet you're wishing Global Warming was for real.

    4. There's wonderful stories here, and now several brave men. I'll continue to read, reflect, and admire.

    5. Juvat, the snow has stopped, the temperature has "soared" into the 50s, I think we'll be okay.

    6. Thank you Brigid. That means a lot.

  3. 500k!! wow. Congrats. I'll make a concerted effort to the the 1millonth hit.

  4. Congratulations! Is there cake? (There should be cake!)

    1. Cake? Juvat, did you bring the cake?

      Or was Tuna supposed to bring the cake?

      What? I was supposed to bring the cake?

      Sorry Proof. No cake. When we hit a million. Maybe.

    2. Pie!
      ...with ice cream, a la mode.
      That's how it should be done.
      ...and root beer floats.

    3. Next time I'll also rent a unicorn.

      I mean seeing as how we're gonna go wild.

    4. Cake? No....Dang, there went my raise. "One Aw 5h!7 wipes out an awful lot of attaboys!"

    5. Don't worry Juvat. I'll take the cost of the unicorn out of Tuna's paycheck.


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