Sunday, February 8, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Moon and the Sun...

I really enjoy seeing sunsets, whether it be the real one using my own Mk-1 Mod 0 eyeball, or just photos posted to the internet.  You all knew that though because of previous somethings completely different.  It's useful that the sun seems to continue to go down every day, so I'm always presented with new material.  I'm not much of a photographer though, nor am I at the beach in the early evening, so I rely on my collecting abilities more than my photog-skills.   While new pics are different, I can't say they're completely different, so I give you

after a brief commercial of course, followed by some more sunset pics...


Ooh, lookie- some sort of airplane in front of the moon!                                NY Times
                                                                   and a Stealth Bomber with a sunset background!                   
Whaddya know- another moon/airplane shot.                                       NY Times
an' another cool jet sunset pic!                       Fair Use
Black and white can be so monotonous...                                                     Fair Use 
Yet another now-cliche' "Sun Behind Jet" photo. Do I know my audience or what?                 Fair Use
I read "Goodnight Moon" last night, but it just absolutely refused to go to bed.                Pinterest
  One of my newest favorite pics- Airplane, Sunset, San Diego, and the Star of India all in the same shot.   Pinterest
NKAWTG - Sunset Edition                                           R e u t e r s dot com
3 Globemaster III's with a moon globe                                                       Pinterest
Black and blue and white                                                                   Fair Use
  I think they used a tattoo artist for this paint job.                                            Fair Use
Insert hilarious/snarky caption here.                    Fair Use
A Shadow and Sunset!                                        Viking Aircraft Association
  Blue Moon, she saw me standin' alone...                                                            Fair Use
Time for a drink. It's 5 o'clock somewhere -  I guess right here!                               
Far too many USAF jets in this post if you ask me.        Fair Use
Ok, that's much better!                                                              Fair Use
Thank you sir, may I have another?  Why certainly!                                        Pinterest
All right already- more USAF for you.  This is an old Air Force guy's blog anyway.

And one for Juvat!                                                            Fencecheck . com
I didn't want to just moon you so I added a little sunshine and hopefully made this somewhat completely different.  Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Well, thanks for the Eagle picture! I'm still trying to come to grips with that configuration, though. I did like the San Diego Sunset picture also.

    1. Photoshopped? Not my work of course- I just find 'em.

  2. Enjoyed very much. Really like the Grippen-sunset. Cool pics! Thanks.

  3. Man, the Sandy Eggo sunset brought back some memories. Looked a lot like the view from our hotel room.

    Or the I-5 (which ran right next to our hotel).

  4. I need a better lens to get some better desert moon pictures.


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