Saturday, January 13, 2018


Isn't that always the way?

Take a couple of weeks off, and that first week back at work lasts nearly an eternity.

I need some sleep.

Today, I've got nothing.

And what's more...

Perhaps I'll have something for you on Sunday.

Though I'll warn you now, it might be a rerun.

Yup, my brain hurts...


  1. Into my third cup of coffee this morning, checking the local rag, and this comes up. news/ local/ article/194448504.html ( about a new piece of art on loan to the ww1 museum this year) interesting.

    1. John Singer Sargent was a marvelous artist, one of my favorites. He actually witnessed that event.

      See it if you can.

    2. That is a stunning painting. The detail is exquisite, the subject matter is horrific.

      Wow. Didn't know such paintings were still displayed. Thanks for the article.

      (Hint: If you get a 'It No Here' page, just click on the 'News' tab and scroll down, and down, and down. It is there, for today at least.)

    3. Guess there's the quick and those who missed it.

    4. I wonder if it will find it’s way to the West Coast.
      My cousins’ grandfather was a gassing victim in WWI.

  2. December of 85 was the first time(and only time) that I took off three straight weeks for the holidays....coming back to work was like slamming into a wall, what with work being public contact. Oh, it's minus 12 outside my backdoor.... up to plus 6 later on!

  3. ,,,some times you've just gotta disconnect and coast.
    I'm making myself do it more often, and it helps.

    1. Well, the blog thing is a "labor of love." The work thing is what pays the bills. I hate taking time off from blogging, but sometimes work just burns out the old brain box.

      So then I'll coast for a day or two. I'm fortunate that Juvat posts every Monday and Tuna will chip in from time to time. So I do get one or two days a week where I don't have to post.

    2. I don't know how you do it, personally. Your content is so much more than many bloggers have on a daily basis.

      Any word on when LUSH is going to drop a post? I am looking forward to seeing how different her brain is vs yours.

    3. I've mentioned it to her, seven or eight thousand times, it could happen, just don't know when.

    4. I’m guessing that full time motherhood x two may have just a little to do with not posting.

    5. But, but, but... She could toss in a comment once in a while? Please.... It's for the adult children...

  4. Thanks for posting enough to let us know that you are alive and well, if sore of brain. Post what you can as it works best for you; we ( or at least I ) will still be here checking to see what is on offer.

    Stay warm and well,
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. Remember Lex's "Talk Amongst Yourselves?" Good way to take a day off- post a problem, and issue, an interesting subject, and let us run with it. Updates on old posts are good material too. Actually writing a post of my own would be more help to you, but I'm under a CR and am contractually limited for now. heh heh.


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