Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Recycling Resolutions

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Not sure I believe in the whole New Year’s resolution effort, for me at least.  I’m sure some people use the occasion of a January post-holiday period to make a new start, for good reasons and hopefully to a good end, but not me.  I’ve either never made a habit of resolutions (making them or following through) or they’ve never worked for me.  Not sure if it’s because I set ones that are too tough to achieve, or I don’t see the value in it.  Probably a little of both, especially because when I do resolve something, it usually involves my weight.  And that’s a standing promise that make after almost every meal, including the ones on January first.  So it’s not a traditional New Year’s resolution, just a lofty goal.

It’s a good resolution nevertheless.  It probably is for a lot of people since as a society we tend to overeat, eat poorly, forgo exercise, or a combination of all three.  I exercise a couple times a week, and keep my fitbit happy on all the other days, but I guess it’s not enough to overcome the other vices. There’s some genetics there too which are also tough to outweigh, pun intended.   As I start writing this on Saturday, I just finished some Parmesan Pesto Gnocci which was delicious, although I realize that I’m full, which means I ate more than I should have.  That’s ok, the next rotation of that resolution doesn’t start until after New Years.

Yes, I'm writing in advance because Sarge gave me New Year's off.  As you can see by Monday's post, Juvat had to work.  It's nice to have seniority in our little union here at the Chant!   Now should that be Juvat had to work or has to work?  Not sure how to write this on Saturday for a Tuesday post).  But I digress.

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What else might I resolve in the new year?  How about some things I actually can accomplish?

Facebook.  I need to do less of that for sure.  I can scroll and comment for hours each night as I watch TV, which is fun, but it’s really a time sump.  I could be doing all sorts of more worthwhile activities, like just about anything.  In my defense, I’ve cut waaaaay back, especially on the political postings.  I knew before the election that I wasn’t changing anyone’s mind or vote with my posts, but I did it anyway, mainly as an outlet for my aversion to the leftist policies of the last administration.  Now?  I occasionally post stuff from the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro mainly.  He's pretty durn smart for a young man of 32- plenty of common sense with his political punditry.

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Reading the comments.  I will definitely do less of that.  News articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc., all have comments at the end.  The stuff spewed by idiotic leftists (not all lefties, just the idiotic ones), plus the trolls, can make for entertaining reading, but it's a waste of time and they'll tick you off if you let them.  One thing that sucked me into Facebook and political sites during the election cycle was a desire to counter some of these folks with my own fact-based common sense.  I did the same on Facebook with my political posts, spending a ton of energy debating and rebutting.  I found that that too was a waste of time, and totally useless.  Some folks are just too set in their ways and they don't want to learn about why their position might not be as solid as they think.  

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Car and Driver.  It’s a magazine I’ve subscribed to pretty much regularly for over 25 years and I really enjoy reading it.  I’ve always been interested in cars and car-tech, and this mag helps whet my appetite for it.  It’s also hilariously well written.  I can tear though a whole issue on a single leg to the east coast, but I rarely travel anymore.  Due to being grounded and other distractions, I haven’t kept up with it as much as I want, so I have a not-so-short stack of them that I need to whittle away on.

Had I been keeping up on my C&D reading, I probably could have told Sarge that while the target market for his Big Girl was dudes 25 and under, he’s fits the current demographic for buyers to a tee.   I don’t know how long he’s had it, but in the long-term test (40K miles), theirs went through two sets of tires, but was thrifty in all other areas of automotive service.  Juvat’s truck?  Even better reviews, which makes it one of C&D’s 10 best.  If you were worried, the staff here at The Chant picks good vehicles.  We’ll see how my Mustang does at 40K miles.  It’ll be 2021 by the time I get there at my current usage though, thanks to my 10 mile commute.  Remind me to write about it.

Ok, I got way digressed there.  Back to my resolutions.

Television.  No, I don't necessarily want to watch less, but maybe better.  I really enjoyed Band Of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon, and more like that would be good.  I have several shows I have wanted to see for years.  Tom Hanks' The Pacific is one.  I've actually never watched any of Ken Burns' documentaries, like Viet Nam in particular.  It's TV that is probably far better than the mindless entertainment on during prime time.  I've got time since I've dumped Football anyway.

Diet.  I could exercise more and eat a little less.  Did I say that already?  Back in 2013, about nine months before our 20th anniversary cruise and trip to Italy, I resolved to do that very same thing.  Like I said, it’s always a valiant and worthwhile goal, even if it’s tough to reach.  I wanted to not only lose a little of the weight that I had gained post-retirement, but it also would have served to make room for the food I would eat on the cruise.

How did it work out?  Kind of like it does every year.  As my cousin puts it, weight gain is a one-way trip.  Our 25th is coming up later in 2018 and walking around Europe would be a little easier if I was a little lighter.  Not that I'm struggling with mobility, but lighter is better.  We’ll see how it goes.  It’s not going to happen if I keep doing what I’m doing.   Maybe I could get a prescription for a round of chemo.

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In general, I don’t feel much of a need for resolutions.  I’m pretty satisfied with how things are going.   Bills are in check, health is good, wife is happy, plenty of friends, no enemies, conscience is clear.  I could do a little more for others on the charity side of things though.  That’s a good goal, and different from the self-improvement ones like weight loss.  The fraternal organization I belong to has a ton of old guys we don’t hear from very often.  Reaching out to them is a good start.  

Anyway, it's New Year's Eve now as I finish this post, so here’s to your resolutions.  May they be lofty, but easily accomplished.  Me?  I'm heading to the gym, but let me get something to eat first.  

Happy New Year to all the Chanters. 


  1. Each and every one sounds like a worthy thingamabob.

    We tell other people that we don't watch tv and to be honest, we don't. We watch netflix and amazon and binge on a tiny handful of the galaxy of shows out there. We're doing Covert Affairs now but also NCIS where we're still about 8 seasons behind and Leverage, Castle and Miss Fisher, but tv itself is not watched. I have decided to scrap the subscription to the Wall St Journal. It's just not needed anymore. The news is up to the minute if you know where to find it and Morgenstern's movie reviews just aren't the same anymore.

    1. Netflix and Amazon are big in my house too, but that's TV now too, just not broadcast TV. It avoids the commercials though. I record most of the shows I like so I get to zip through them anyway.

  2. Man, cruise ships creep me out, with the huge sail area, and shallow draft. Some day, one of those things is gonna lay down. I ship should have 60% of it's weight below the waterline, and I find that dificult to believe. Yes, they have stabilizers, but I would not count on them, they are man made, and can fail when you least want them to.

  3. When I saw the link I misread Recycling *Solutions*
    I thought maybe the blog was going green.

    1. Well, the blog is gluten free and has no GMOs.


  4. Good stuff Tuna.

    I have not exactly sworn off television, like you and the Cap'n, I watch a lot of stuff on Netflix and Amazon. But commercials? Nah, I have trouble with those.

  5. Thanks for the post Tuna.

    As for tv, we watched " White Christmas " last night. The one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Back when Hollywood was pro-GI.

    Paul L. Quandt

  6. And the same to you and yours, sir!


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