Friday, February 16, 2018


The post I was attempting to write on Thursday evening (last night) was rapidly getting...
  • unclear
  • confused
  • unintelligible
  • incomprehensible
  • hard to follow
  • disjointed
  • disconnected
  • disordered
  • mixed up
  • garbled
  • jumbled
  • scrambled
  • muddled
  • rambling
  • wandering
  • disorganized
  • illogical
  • inarticulate
  • mumbling
  • slurred
  • All of the above
In a word, incoherent. I sat there and nothing was making much sense. In fact, I noticed a startling inability to even type. I was becoming incomprehensible.

So I thought it best to down tools, stand easy, and spend the night vegetating, perhaps even sleeping.

Know this, that as you read this particular post (which took far too long to compose) I am recumbent in my rack, sleeping the sleep of the weary. Fortunately I have this day off (tomorrow as I type, today as you read) and have decided to lie low.

I won't ever again try to write an historical post while exhausted. You Swiss pikemen will just have to wait until I've had more sleep.

Bis gleich...


  1. As usual, you say "I got nothin'" with more eloquence than any other blogger I've read. Well done, take the rest of the day off.

  2. Cinderella liberty is approved for OAFS.

  3. I’ll second what Juvat said and add that it’s more entertaining than some other’s blog posts.

  4. You must recharge the battery.

  5. Your muse went AWOL but your written report is quite lucid.

    1. The proper authorities have been notified. An APB has been issued.

  6. Don't feel alone. More than once I have written a comment to post here, re-read it, and then lit a virtual match to it, for several of the symptoms you list. I find the best thing to clear my mind is working with my hands.

  7. It is actually a secret plot by the house spirits, embodied in the cats, to make you do their will all day long and quit spending time with 'those people (us.)' Cats have amazing powers, donchaknow?

  8. What everyone else wrote, I agree.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  9. I gave up on a paper for my archaeology class tonight with the same symptoms. What used to come easily doesn't anymore. Dammitall.

    1. I have a large bottle of Dammitall I bought at Sams. Even with the membership, it still works out cheaper than anywhere else...


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