Friday, October 26, 2018

I Did Not Know That (Well, Some of it...)

Rough day, long week, I'm operating at about 25% capacity.

So yes, you get a video, "The Top Ten Battles Won in Odd Ways."

I know six of these, four I had never heard of, but need to read up on. Soldiers fighting against the odds. But like Juvat always says, these guys "Never quit, never surrender."

Fortune favors the bold.

And on an editorial note, the name of the French Marshal (not Field Marshal) who won the battle of Auerstedt is pronounced Da-voo, not Da-voh. (Les Anglais never could speak French properly.)

To steal one from Suldog, back tomorrow with, hopefully, more better stuff.


  1. Interesting Video. My eponymous squadron's motto comes to mind, "Audentes Fortuna Juvat". Fortune favors the brave.

    1. I knew that. :)

      The Sikhs against the Afghans, that was one Hell of a fight!

    2. I can imagine. I know a couple of Sikhs.

      I would not want them mad at me....

  2. Thank you for the video, it is most informative.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Thanks Paul, some of those TopTenz videos are pretty good.

  3. Get well soon. Thank you for the video.

  4. neighbor who hailed from Bretagne told me the "Davout" was pronounced with the "t" -- da-VOOT.

    Also, "Darius" should be pronounced "da-RYE-us". The spelling we use is the Latin transliteration of the Greek transliteration of the Persian name "Darayavaush". Languages are fun!

    And I take issue with this gentleman's characterization of the Confederate soldiers at Chancellorsville as being "barefoot and starving". They were just coming out of winter quarters, hence their nutrtion and clothing was as good as it ever was going to be, as the army had been sitting in one place for four months with no Federal attempts to disrupt their supplies.

    1. My pronunciation is from the Parisian French, which I mangled in high school. Bretagne is a different world altogether, some would say better, but as in many countries, the dialects vary from province to province. (Which is one of the things which make languages so fascinating! I'm guessing you're a devotee of language as well Cap'n? I love 'em.)

      Absolutely correct on Darius, I'm irked that I missed that.

      Also true on Chancellorsville, another one I missed. I think too many people seem to think that the Army of Northern Virginia was always kind of ragtag and ill-supplied. But yup, coming out of winter quarters, they'd be better provisioned than later on campaign.

      Great observation as always Cap'n.

  5. Pretty cool video. I learned new stuff :)

    I hear you on the long week, and was very thankful for Friday, never mind the end of the day. I have just finished my documentation, and reported off so am free from (paid) work til next Tuesday...YEA!! And I am staying out of the office as much as possible as everyone else seems to be coming down with all kinds of stuff---strep, shingles!! No thanks!

    Nope, I am heading for bed as I have Hubbie's to-do list to work on tomorrow. I might actually get most of it done, as he will be busy supervising the guys who are coming to put a new roof on the barn, and out of my hair. ;)

    Why is it that historians always seem to have a British accent?? Inquiring minds want to know...

    Get some sleep sir, and feel better. I think you are supposed to have lots of rain and some wind...good weather to stay in and commune with the feline staff in the prone position, with eyelids closed...meditating... :)


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