Sunday, October 28, 2018

Movies and Other Things

When I first saw the trailer for The Foreigner, of course I was immediately interested, I'm a big fan of Jackie Chan. This film seemed out of the ordinary for him, which made it all the more interesting. Also there aren't all that many films where guys in their 60s are plausible stars in action films. Jackie Chan is one of the few, he's always done his own stunts. In this film, with one exception, he continued to handle the rough stuff himself.

It's a dark film, make no mistake. Anything involving bombings and the Irish Republican Army tends to be. I won't give away any spoilers, but the film brought out some strong emotions in me. It's well made, Mr. Chan does a great job of playing an aging guy who still has the moves, even if he's a step or two slower with age.

See it.

Every now and then, well okay, a couple of times, another blogger will leave a comment with a "Hey, could you add me to your blog roll?" with a link to his/her blog. Unless the blog is absolute crap, I usually do. (Those absolute crap links? Those are usually left in spam comments which you readers, fortunately, never see.)

Anyhoo, I got one of those today. At first I was going to just delete the comment, but not permanently, just leaving the infamous Comment deleted note with my snarky response. Then I thought, why bother. It's like wrestling with a pig, you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

So whammo, I blasted the whole thing into the bit bucket. Gone, history, it's an ex-comment, and I didn't even bother nailing it to the perch.

Odd thing, and the thing that really pissed me off, is that the chap left a comment which was a link to "his" latest post and asked "Hey, can you add me..." blah, blah, blah. Well, Einstein had left that sort of comment before, I checked out the blog, wasn't disgusting or weird or anything, so I says to meself (the first time), "Ah, what the Hell..." I added him to the blog roll.

But asking a second time? When he'd never checked to see if maybe he had already been added? When the chap obviously never read my post, and a check of his place  revealed that he had not participated in blog roll reciprocity, a simple courtesy, enraged me. Irked me it did. The bollocks of this fellow. So I deleted the comment, and the link to his blog. Which I won't bother to mention. His blog fu is weak. Very weak.

If you want a link, give a link. And at least read the damned post!


Wet and cold here in the 401. Seems we're having a bit of a nor'easter. So yeah, it's windy too. A good day to vegetate. So I did.

Got some drum time in though, my two left hands and two left feet have started to resolve into their proper left and right roles, but I'm still deuced awkward at it. I can keep a decent beat for a few minutes then I'll cross sticks or miss a cymbal and it becomes a complete dog's breakfast.

Practice, practice, I tell myself.

Silence, silence, The Missus Herself pleads. But even she might have to admit, I'm getting a bit better. Or as I like to say, I don't completely suck.

She might even agree.


  1. Do you think you’ll ever be good enough for the Drum Line?

  2. Old guys pushed to the edge, well, of course it's a movie that's gonna resonate to you and so many of your loyal readers. Been saying for years the shootings gonna start when sumolddude with nothing to lose stands up to the tyranny. And it spreads like wildfire. (Unlike the fake 'bombs' sent by the non-Native American non-Republican not through the mail all over the USA at the same time. Gee, what a klutzy attempt at a false-flag operation, nothing like the actual ricin attacks against the President, Vice President, SecDefense, First Lady and lotsa other gubmint officials and congresscritters, all curiously Republican, over the last 3 months, actual Ricin-ricin, not talcumpowder-ricin.)

    As to the blogger, I wondered how you were going to answer him. Especially since the comments section was lined up with his blog-entry. Oh well, another one bites the dust (I have been shedding certain blogs lately due to their reaction to the Florida Carry fishing event, which was a reaction to the last Florida Carry fishing event where the local constabulary violated a buncha people's civil rights, so the FC went overboard in an in-your-face-powersthatbe event and some bloggers went bat-crazy over it. Gee. Local politics are fun, aren't they? Just hope some of my comments on others' webpages don't reflect upon the greatness of this place.)

    Then there's me. Sorry, haven't been feeling bloggerific lately, between my nose running a marathon and hocking up lung-butter. Y'alls response to that statement is still 1/10th of how bad I have felt lately. Looking forward to winter so the damned molds/mildews/pollens/dusts/aromatic-fumes-of-certain-street-pharmaceuticals die down so I can breath again.

    As to your drumming, well, as long as TMH doesn't take an axe to your set, or banish you and the kit to a garage, or The Basement, then life will be okay. Assuming, of course, you're not scaring the cats.

    1. Yeah, politics.

      Hope your molds/mildews/pollens/dusts/aromatic-fumes-of-certain-street-pharmaceuticals problem clears up soonest.

      So far the cats are "okay" with the drumming. Unless they're sleeping on the carpet the kit sits on. Then they're annoyed. Enough so that they go and sleep elsewhere.

  3. I get the same "Please Add Me..." every few months. I don't recall adding anybody to my feeble blog-roll unless I read them. I usually add blogs I find interesting, and I find them on other people's blogs.

    Yep, it can be annoying.

    Another beautiful 70* day here. Took the dog for a walk this morning, and thinking of going to the movies with the wife a bit later.

    1. Just another perfect day in Colorado. We had many of those back in the day.

    2. Nothing feeble about your blog, drjim. It is one of my go-to favorites, and I've enjoyed your tales of your escape from national socialism/fascism. Not to mention the ever-going car project.

      Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Soon... Soooooooon you'll have much use of your new toy.

    3. Awwww, shucks, guys. You're gonna make me blush. I just ramble on about what strikes me. I actually have some "serious" stuff written, but I'll probably never post it.

      Yeah, just beautiful here the last week or so, clear skies that are BLUE!, but that's changing in the next 24 hours.

      High today will be 75*, but the high tomorrow is only expected to hit 45*.

      With rain.

      And snow....but not much, maybe an inch.

      he big stuff is coming next month.

    4. Reminds me of the time I picked up my son from school in Fort Collins. I got there a little early, had to wait a half hour. In that 30 minutes the temperature dropped at least 30 degrees.

      Yep, the weather was, interesting. You could have two feet of snow in Denver, and folks would be playing golf in Fort Collins. And vice versa. (I was in the snowy place, both times...)

    5. My wife watches the weather forecasts from the TV stations in Denver, and then wonders why our weather doesn't match theirs. I keep telling here "Honey, it's seventy miles South of here", but she doesn't get it yet.

      We still haven't felt a real Chinook wind yet. I've read the temperature can go from 30* in the morning to 75*, or higher, by noon.

    6. Oh yes it can. Kind of exciting to wake up to a half foot of new overnight snow which is gone by mid-afternoon.

  4. I'll check out The Foreigner. I've enjoyed Chan's movies in the past, but I was a little leery of this one. Speaking of movies, don't know if Gosnell is still playing in a theater near you, but it is well worth the money. I drove over 350 miles, one way, to see it the first time. I wrote a review over at my place, if you didn't see it.

    1. I saw the review. Not sure I want to see the film.

  5. Wait, the way to get added to the blog roll is to just ask in the comments? (Slaps forehead)

    Ah, in that case, would you please consider adding my little blog to the reciprocal roll? It’s kind of a hodge-podge of whatever I find interesting (mostly video games, aviation, motorcycles and random musings).

    1. 'Tis done! Nice place you've got there. I added you to the Stuff I Like to Read area over on the right.

      I mean, video games, aviation, motorcycles, and random musings, what's not to like? The fact that the word "Scotch" is in the title didn't influence me at all. Er, okay, much, well, alright, it was the deal clincher...

    2. Thanks! Although I have a confession to make: I’m more of a Bourbon drinker than a Scotch man, save when writing (blame Spider Robinson for that one).

      Not that I’ve ever turned down a glass of either, but Scotch alliterated much better in my blog title.

    3. Why yes, yes it does!

      (I used to drink Scotch, now I prefer Irish whiskey. Psst, don't tell my ancestors!)

    4. Your secret is safe with me. :) Considering a number of my ancestors were tea-totalling Baptists, I should probably do a better job of hiding my drinking from them as well.

      Then again, it was my Baptist minister grandfather who married my very much not from a non-drinking Belgian family grandmother, so I suppose it all evens out.


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