Sunday, October 14, 2018

When Rations Are Short, Show Videos

Hhmm, I wonder if they read the blog...
I'm not a fan of boring anything, especially boring commercials.

But some company's commercials are anything but boring.

Here's an old favorite, I laugh every time I watch it...

I found a newer one, again with a bear theme...

Relative of yours, a bear?


For more funny John West commercials, go here. Trust me.


  1. I saw a salmon commercial, where a commercial fisherman hauls in a Mako, and his first mate is inside the shark, recoverin the salmon that fell overboard. Is that one of thgiers?

  2. That first bear ad was pretty good, thanks for the reference Sarge. Oh BTW, 907AM and there are light snow flurries coming down now...... :(

    1. Snow in Colorado according to my friends who live there.

    2. Yup. Got about 4" in Fort Collins overnight. Streets and sidewalks melted off by noon 'cuz the ground ain't frozen yet, but plenty left in the yards.

    3. I miss Fort Collins, even the snow.

    4. Compared to the Concrete Canyons I lived in for the last 35 years, I'll take Northern Colorado any day!

  3. My uncle Fred told stories of fighting fishermen, but he seems to have left out the humiliating kick in the jewels. Good to see this recovered footage.

    In keeping with the lowbrow theme, there’s this guy:

    1. Well, you'd leave that out wouldn't you?

      Ouch, ouch, three times ouch. Poor bear.

  4. LOL!

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  5. Hah, love the John West commercials. Some of the best out there.

    Thanks for the filler, #1 Spousal Unit has been down with crud, which caused a cascade of issues. Everythings okay, just the stupid storm, which did nothing to Gainesville, (Democratic People's Republic of Alachuacountystan) FL was some light winds and really huge pressure waves, which the RHPW are not particularly welcome to people who have issues with sudden pressure fluctuations. SPFs caused both nerve, bone and head pains, which exasperated the latest crud, inherited from our friend who works at a hospital, brought over. So the last two days have been sleeping on both our parts to recover from her not sleeping and things happening requiring me not to sleep either.

    At least I didn't end up with a sock in my mouth. This time.

    So, well, pitiful excuse for not posting in the coverage gap. At least I didn't have to take care of three kids (two children and one fighter pilot.)

    Looking forward to your AjAR from Monday.

    1. Argh, the crud, no fun.

      No need for apologies/excuses/plausible alibis for not posting in the gap. You all covered for me when I could not post due physical inability to do so. For which I am eternally grateful.

      No Tuna, that doesn't mean you get a raise...

    2. Gee OAFS, with your great wealth gained from this blog, you should give Tuna a 100% raise in his salary.


      P.S. I hit the wrong key so that if I had not deleted what was showing, it would have made me look even stupider than I usually appear.

    3. Well, 100%, heck, why not.

      For everyone!

  6. Love me some Jown West ads, but Tuna and Beans? Seems a bit close to home blog.


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