Thursday, October 11, 2018

There Are Days...

Wednesday, a gorgeous day in Little Rhody. Felt like summer, so The Missus Herself took pity on your half-blind correspondent and took me down to The Island, as the inhabitants call it. What is known as Aquidneck Island to some and officially is known as Rhode Island. Yup, the common name for Little Rhody is actually just one part of the state.

Can anyone tell me the official name, without Googling, Binging, or otherwise looking it up?

C'mon folks, we covered this in a previous post. Okay, so it was one post among many over the past six years, or maybe it was more than one post. I dunno, I'm old, I tend to repeat my stories kinda hoping that no one notices, or if they do, they're polite enough not to mention it.


It was cash we were after, filthy lucre. Because a fellow likes to have a few bucks in his pocket, something that clinks (or at least folds and has pictures of historical old guys). For you see, the other day The Missus Herself and I went out and stopped at a local eatery for to consume something tasty, something Southwestern if you will.

Lately a new eatery (well, new to us) has appeared in my AO which we used to frequent when The Nuke and The WSO were stationed in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. A little burrito and other tasty stuff chain known as Moe's Southwest Grill. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a chain, probably ain't authentic but your dear Sarge does not care. For I am absolutely addicted to their burritos, and quesadillas and, and...

Anyhoo. We went there to eat. When we got to the register, I pulled out Monsieur Wallet only to discover that instead of a fat wad of twenties gracing the leather interior of my wallet, there was just a bunch of ones. Less than ten as I recall. Damn.

Paid with plastic, but felt somewhat put out about my lack of cash and just when did I spend that? Oh yeah, last week when the lawn mowing chaps came to manicure the grounds, er, cut the grass, here at Chez Sarge.

That deficiency being rectified, after a lovely little drive down to my place of employment for the drive that was in it and having an ATM which is nearly always functional. Yes, I could have gone to a local place, paid their bloody fee, and gotten cash that way. Yes, I know the gasoline we expended probably cost more than the bloody ATM fee but I figured burning fuel would probably piss off Algore, if he knew about it, the fat slug, anyone have his email, let him know that the Sarge burned fuel today. Just for the Hell of it!

And I use plastic straws too! I'm a rebel I tell you.

Anyhoo. It was a supremely lovely day, aching eye and all. (Oh yes, Precious, it aches. I'm told that's a sign of healing, or something. I think it just gets tired.)

I also talked to the disability insurance folks when we returned home from our little journey. When we got back to the palace, I heard the beep of the landline's answering machine. A very garbled message was there (I think we need to get a new phone and dammit, I told them to call the cell phone) a name was left, "This is sounds like Anne on the recording was Pam in actuality at six clear digits followed by a lot of hissing and popping and three more clear digits please call me back more hissing and popping."

I tried various combinations of the last four numbers that I thought I had heard and each time received the "That number is not in service" message. Now on one of the attempts I noticed that the lady (a supervisor, I think I told that story before, I'll have to check, POCIR) I had dealt with three years ago for a previous surgery had the same six digits as those I had gleaned from the message. (I discerned that because my phone kept suggesting her number as the one to call. I had her saved on my phone.)

So I called her, figuring that as she worked at the same place as "sounds like Anne", I could perhaps connect to her that way. Well, the very nice lady, checked her computer and said that "actually Pam, not Anne" had indeed called me earlier. But, as "actually Pam, not Anne" had left for the day (it was almost 5 PM), the very nice supervisor lady said she could get the information that was needed and would let "actually Pam, not Anne" know that I had indeed called back.

So today (as you read, tomorrow as I write) it's back to the ophthalmologist once more for to have oculus sinister examined again. I had told the nice lady that I had hoped I would be back at work next week, as I have things to do (which really only I can do, without disrupting the flow of the universe of course). The nice lady, knowing the procedure I had undergone and ya know they have charts for these things, chuckled and said...

"The doctor is not going to tell you that you can return to work next week. But if he does, I'll be surprised."

Ah who knows, the bubble in my eye continues to recede (which is really weird as now I can see around it, and through it after a fashion). My vision in that eye is returning though is still rather fuzzy. We shall see, we shall see. (At least I bloody hope so.)

When I know, you'll know. Well, you'll know the day after I know. It's what I do, I share.

It was really such a lovely day...

More to follow.

Be seeing you.


  1. Dang.... what's that bright light thingy in the sky? Haven't seen that in daaays here. Is that a nuke plant there in photo 3? You needs a cash stash in the ole homestead Sarge, something that's lockable so you don't have to hit the ATM as often. Hoping for good news on the eye!

    1. Coal, not nuke, and it’s an ex-plant as of late.

    2. Nylon12 - today is very gloomy. The weather has been on and off over the past week. Yesterday though, was glorious.

      a bear - Yup, no steam coming out of those towers these days.

    3. Ok, so the wx is not just following us, then? Been in the 30s and 40s windy and rainy since we left Montreal. That having been said, it’s still better than work. But thats not hard. Order up one of those days you've got pictured for next Monday, please.

    4. That would be awesome wouldn't it?

      So what you're seeing is typical of northern New England and the Maritimes for this time of year. Little Rhody tends to be more moderate, being a little further south. Our weather is dictated a lot by the ocean temperature, which is still fairly warm.

      But a nice day is on order, hopefully it's delivered on time!

  2. Rhode Island and Providence Plantaion? I am glad the healing is proceding, if not as swifty as you want. Here in Wisconsin, it is 33, and drizzling, with 19 MPH gusting to 30+ MPH winds out of the North. It is 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday. Stay warm, and heal, so we can get cheerier post, from our Postmaster!

    1. You got it Scott.

      33 with 19 mph winds? Sounds like Wisconsin.

      Cheerier posts, aye!

    2. Last week, when we were in Wauwatosa, it was 80.
      Of course it hasn’t been anywhere near that, for us, since.

    3. Weather. Don't like it, wait a minute, it'll change.

      Usually to something you DON'T want. ;)

  3. Something along the lines of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation? Sort of like how some of the Several States are not actually States, but rather Commonwealths. Then the whole Parish thing in Louisiana...


    1. Yup, Massachusetts and Virginia are both Commonwealths, may be others, those are the two I'm most familiar with. Massachusetts because I've lived next door to the Bay State most of my life and Virginia, well, I love Virginia. (Oldest granddaughter was born there, oldest daughter lives there.)

      I read somewhere that the basis of most law in Louisiana is the Code Napoléon. But yeah, the parish thing surprised me.

    2. Four “states” are Commonwealths: Pennsylvania and Kentucky are the other two.

    3. Good to know. I have a sister-in-law in Kentucky.

  4. Yeah, like you guys said, it’s the “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.” For some reason, they usually leave that last bit out.

    Hey, landmarks I recognize. Like, “that one weird giant residential tower we always speculate about from the ferry.” Sadly I only got to stay one day out on Prudence this year...

    1. Yeah, that tower sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm guessing that the views are spectacular. But I still wouldn't want to live in it.

  5. Hmm. If we consider that the bubble is a barrier to your vision, and an irritant, then perhaps you have a moat-mote in your eye.

    Continued finger crossing for your health.

  6. Oculus Sinister sounds a lot like a Sith Lord's name. Probably fitting since your eyesight is at risk, but those Docs are wicked smaht. Keep on healing on.

    1. On it.

      I learned the whole oculus sinister, oculus dexter thing from a friend who wears contacts. Well, she wondered what OS and OD meant as regards contacts. So we looked it up. I guess "L" and "R" aren't technical enough.

      Go figure.

      Thanks Tuna.

    2. I work in eyeball-related clinical research, and we say left and right, even if we write OD or OS or OU (both) on the paperwork. Because “Oh-Ess” is harder to say than “left.”

  7. Nice pics, Sarge.
    Hope you’ll be seeing those views with both eyes soon.

  8. Did I ever tell you my secret Asgard (fighting household, not, well Asgard-Asgard) name is "Ouch My Eye" due to an unfortunate episode with a beer-helm even though I was cold stone sober?

    Ah, good times, good times...

    And I think the name is "The State of Rhode Island and Providence (lefty run, not quite Massachusets but holdeth my beereth) Plantations," considering some of the wacko news reports leaking out of there from even the Meeja.

    Did The Missus Herself like "Driving Mr. Lazy(eye)?" Moe's is pretty good for a chain restaurant, and they don't seem to have the continued health issues that the Chipotle chain seems to have.

    1. Bingo on the state name. Rhode Island is Aquidneck, Providence Plantations is everything else. Left leaning but more through tradition, my town, though strongly (D) loves the military. So they've got that going for them.

      The Missus Herself accepts her fate with the humble tolerance of a saint. Which she had been compared to in these pages more than once. Those who know me realize that I'm like an overly exuberant dog who has just run through the mud outside, has come inside and is very happy to see everyone. Yeah, mud everywhere and yes, I bark at odd hours at nothing. It's who I am. I daresay that The Missus Herself is one of the few women on the planet who can handle me. And she does so with aplomb and grace. And the occasional "You're an idiot" look.

      Moe's is Chipotle's without the ptomaine. I ate at the latter once. Won't do it again, ever.

  9. Newport is home. Army dad went to navy war college and they asked him to teach. Did 7th and 8th grades there. Navy sent me there countless tiimes. Took my wife there. I remember, wearing full mess dress uniform on my way to the officer's club along that little road fronting the bay. A flat tire. I changed said tire in full mess dress only then realizing that the front wheel was flat too. Tow truck, no AAA. Somedays, even in paradise, it does not pay to go to work. yeh, did florida too and 30 years in ca.It would be nice to do another Shakespeare but odds are against it.
    Get better, see better.
    Oh and there is this place in Maine where pie makes everything better. You might chech it out.

    1. Ah, Maine and pie, two things I love.

      Since The Hobbit returned to her old home town, we met once in Arlington to honor Lex. We may be doing so again for Hizzoner's birthday in November. You should go, yes, it's close to Mordor (DC), I know.

      Get better, Aye! See better, Aye! (Or "Eye" if you're the punning type.)

  10. Those pictures are lovely. It's grey and windy here. So glad your eye is improving!
    A meetup in November? I could possibly be there! Keep me in the loop!

  11. I'm glad to hear that your Horatio Lord Nelson impersonation is nearing it's end. Having been cursed with amblyopia in my right eye I have gone through life knowing the difficulties of having only one well functioning eye. If the November trip to the Old Dominion firm up let me know. If we haven't done the Snowbird thing and migrates South it would be great to get together.

  12. "Can anyone tell me the official name..." My guess was " The People's Republic... ".

    "...addicted to their burritos, and quesadillas...". As quesadillas are nought but two tortillas with cheese ( and sometime other stuff ) melted between them, I am too cheap to pay someone else to make them for me. I do quite like them, I do.

    The photos are most lovely, it is sunny like that here in my part of the world. And it is forecast ( by the weather guessers ) to remain so for the next week, or so.

    "...which is still fairl warm." What is this " fairl " of which you write? Is that in the German language into which you sometimes lapse?

    Happy I am to read that your eye continues to improve; keep up the good healing.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L Quandt

    1. "fairl warm," what? *Actually I snuck in and fixed that, fat fingers, one eye, all contribute to not typing properly. But the eye is better!)

      The amount of work necessary to make a really good quesadilla makes me go out to eat them. Sure, we could do it at home but then we'd have the mess to clean up. And I always get "other stuff."

      You would not have been too far off with "The People's Republic," but we're nowhere near as bad as California.

    2. "...but we're nowhere near as bad as California." Almost no one else is as bad as California.

      "The amount of work necessary to make a really good quesadilla makes me go out to eat them." I'm more of a basic quesadilla person; thinking about them nearly makes me go to make myself one or two. If I hadn't just eaten some of the sweet and sour ham and rice I made yesterday, I would.


  13. Beautiful sunshine, especially since ya know it wont last too much longer, especially since 1. Michael is supposed to head north, and 2. My sister from sunny southern Sandy Eggo area is in upstate NY checking on the parents...she swears it always rains just for her as she doesn't get too much of that when she is in Sandy Eggo, and 3. We here in Western MI have had lots of rain/mist/showers/spittiness for the past week, and Little Rhody is east of us...

    Thought of Mr Beans and his lady fair, hoping they are well west of that "rainy weather" going on in FL...this pics on TV don't look great on tonight's news.

    1. It's special when we get lovely days like that in October, knowing that there won't be many more until next Spring.

      Yes, Beans and his Missus live in Florida, but I believe they are away from the Panhandle.

      Son-in-law Big Time had an event he was supposed to attend at Tyndall AFB. It's been cancelled as Tyndall has been devastated. Prayers are outbound for all those impacted by the storm.

    2. Do hope "they" cancelled the event before Big Time was in-bound to Tyndall!
      Prayers definitely outbound for not only Tyndall AFB, but all of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolina's, who for sure don't need any more rain.

    3. Yes, before he left. First time he gets to be home with the family for Halloween in two years. The granddaughters are pretty excited about that!

  14. I had breakfast Wednesday at a Denny's in Rubidoux California, southeast of LA. The waitress brought me a straw with my OJ.
    Horrified that a killer of oceans was right there in front of me, I decided to stash it away for a later time.
    Until she cleared my dishes with the utensils, and refilled my coffee cup, at which time I had to break open my emergency straw to stir my coffee. Oh, well. Oceans are overrated anyway!


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