Sunday, October 6, 2019

Wedding Week

The Venue
It's going to be a rather long week. Families will gather to celebrate the nuptials of two of our own. Folks are traveling from the far west and from the far north.

It has been a long time coming, we couldn't be happier.

Blogging must needs be take a back seat to real life this week. The Missus Herself is, even as you read this, on her way to help with all the details. It's what Moms do.

I myself won't be heading south until later in the week. No doubt the ladies don't want the old man under foot while they try to get things done.

Ah well.

In other, far sadder news, the world suffered the loss of a good man this past week. Veteran of both the Army and the Navy, Vietnam veteran, and one of those "best friends I've never met" Lex mentioned on more than one occasion.

Prayers for his family, he will be missed. A lot.

Ave Atque Vale, Kevin. See you on the other side brother.

B-17G "Nine-O-Nine"Lost in a crash at Bradley Field earlier this week.
Great sadness in these parts as we mourn those lost in the crash of "Nine-O-Nine," of the thirteen souls aboard, seven lost their lives. Six survived from the aircraft but suffered injuries, another on the ground also suffered injuries.

Pray for their families.

That is all.


  1. I'm sure the ladies will set you up so you "Rock the Tux". Just don't trip walking down the aisle. Upstaging the Bride like that is frowned upon. Other than that, Sarge, have a great time.

    1. Don't trip, don't lock your knees, don't clear your throat, don't scratch your nose, no talking in the ranks...

    2. And definitely no scratching of ... other parts!

    3. I believe that they will make me wear boxing gloves to preempt that.

  2. I never met Keith, but if you and Lex said good things about him, well, he must have been a serious cut above normal men. Sigh, yet another person I'll not meet in this lifetime. Well, there's always the next. Godspeed, sir.

    909 was, well, horrific but not. She survived far worse than she should have, and then survived the post years before being rebuilt. And she died flying. Horrible, but... The people, darned it, that is a tragedy. But it's one of the things those who fly, and especially those who fly vintage planes, must have somewhere in the back of their minds. The injured on the ground guy, well, that sucks, truly.

    Weird, but once my dad was grounded (due to eye issues) he got to hate flying because he wasn't in control. I wonder if other pilots feel that way?

    As to wedding week, well, I am sure we'll get some posts up. Don't worry about it. Family comes first. This family can wait for you and yours. And, as the saying goes on the internet, doesn't count without pictures...

    1. Kevin, but yeah, good man.

      Many pilots get antsy with someone else "at the wheel," so to speak. It's in their nature I suppose.

    2. I hate flying in the back end, because...It sucks. No knee room. little window. Screaming kids, Screaming Adults, Me, screaming inside my head (so far at least).

      That having been said, I grade each landing. 10 being good, being "lucky to be alive", 0....well, if 1 was lucky to... Fortunately, I've never given a 0, but then I've never given a 10. Mrs J tends to roll her eyes when I reveal the juvat landing score with extended digits. On and a score of 1, is always rendered on a specific digit.

      If you know what I mean. (and I know that you do.)

      On a serious note, I'm not sure who Kevin was. I must have missed something.

      Regarding 909, I've been aboard her. Was kinda weird feeling when I heard about the crash. Rest In Peace, AlCon.

    3. Kevin was a fellow Lexican, over Facebook way. A good lad, you would have liked him.

      I had forgotten that post. That is a weird feeling, had it for a ship once, one I'd been aboard and which now lies at the bottom of the Atlantic.

      I like the way you grade landings.

    4. AHHH, not being a Facebook aficionado for the last several years, that makes sense. Trusting your judgement. RIP Kevin!

  3. Really sad to see about 909 and those that died, God Bless their families. Don't know if this will come across the way I intend, but planes are built for flying and that's what 909 did, from 1986 until this year........ Bean's advice is good, don't forget to shine those shoes. Best wishes for all!

    1. What?!?! Shine my shoes? I didn't see that in the contract.

      But if I must I must.

      As to 909, I know exactly what you mean, and you're right.

  4. I was blessed to fly on the 909 from TICO field in FL. I will always remember thinking as I boarded her that morning how the young men who flew these machines in combat had to be the bravest men ever! Sitting at the bombardiers station in the nose as we flew was a highlight in my life. Godspeed to all who served, and those who were aboard on her last flight.

    1. Glad you had that opportunity Ralph. Also glad that you remember those who went before.

      Amen, Godspeed.

  5. I was a plane sponsor for 909 and flew on her several times (plus the B-24, B-25, P-51C, and P-51D). The pilots were awesome individuals with whom to talk when I got to visit with them down at Stinson Field each year. Trying to imagine how those young men of olden years flew those planes in Europe and the Pacific. Also met many visitors who had grandparents who flew on the planes and the youngsters were seeking to connect with what their grandfather went through. May the dead rest in peace and the injured find comfort. It was a sad day.

  6. Having no daughters, I can only watch from a distance. Just remember, the loudest sound known to man is a dropped rifle while in formation. Don't be (symbolically) that guy. Oh, and congratulations. What a handsome couple (picture from one of your earlier posts)!

    1. Thanks WSF.

      (Don't drop the rifle, don't drop the rifle... Got it!)

  7. Congratulations, and Best Wishes for all involved! No advice here for being Father-of-the-Bride, so none will be advised.

    I saw 909 flying over Fort Collins earlier this year when she was on the show circuit., but I've donated in the past to the Collings Foundation.

    I was used to seeing all manner of "Flying Machines" in SoCal, but "out here", the sound of four big radials thumping away sure caught my attention!

    May they rest in peace.....

  8. Ok, so as the now ex-wife of a wedding photographer, I have been to a BUNCH of weddings, personally, professionally, and of family members. I do like going to weddings. And all of the above "don't" rules above certainly apply. So I will share a few things To Do...

    Do put a couple of tissues in a pocket. Do think about all the special days you have seen this very lovely lady through. Do give Mom a hug...she will need a couple of tissues too. Do have someone take a couple of pictures, because, yes, proof...besides, I think you would look pretty spiffy in a tux.

    Do Enjoy!!! We will be here awaiting the AAR.

    1. No tuxes will be harmed during the course of this wedding. I do have a rather nice, and brand new, suit for the occasion. Two actually, one navy, one charcoal, I am awaiting guidance from higher HQ as to which one to wear.

      New shoes as well. I will be overdressed compared to my normal jeans and a polo shirt. No Navy ball caps are authorized either so I hope the photographer has good filters, for there will be glare...


    2. Glad to know it will be a suit...seem much more comfortable than a tux!!
      Re glare: God made a few good heads, the rest he covered up with hair. If ya got a good one, flaunt it!! :)


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