Sunday, October 19, 2014


'Twas a fine day.

Weather was perfect for the mowing of the grass. Not too cool, not too warm.

Just. Perfect.

Found this song, I don't know why I like it so. But I do. The lyrics touched me.


  1. Lawn looks good! When does the Missus RTB?

    1. So....1 more lawn mow and 1 snow blow?

    2. Heh, could be. Probably not though. Here in Little Rhody we don't get all that much snow. Some winters in the past were, shall we say, "exciting" but for the most part, the most the driveway has had to be cleared was five, I think. Heck, growing up in Vermont there were weeks where we had to shovel the driveway five times.

      Besides which, I have a guy who does the driveway. I do my own lawn. A long story which may see the light of day here.



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