Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

Why are you inside? That grass isn't going to cut itself.
As Sasha the cat points out, there is grass to be cut.

I've waited the better part of 36 hours and the grand experiment appears to be a failure.

For Friday night when I got home from work, I decreed that the grass must be cut.

I have waited and waited to no avail.

No helpful lawn fairies cut the grass in the wee hours of the night.

Therefore, as always, I need to put on my "big boy pants," sally forth and fire up the mower.

So for the next couple of hours, I will be chasing the roaring beast back and forth, hither and yon.

Cutting the grass.

And people are amazed when I tell them "I like winter."

I shall return.

We'll keep an eye on things from here. You got this?

Yeah Anya, I got this.


  1. Sweet kittehs - helpful with pointing out what needs to be done...and that's the extent of their effort. Gotta love em!

  2. Should be the last time mowing. But then there are leaves. I miss my old house, but this townhouse thing ain't so bad...oh look, people doing all the yard work.

    1. One more time, with a "good weed whacking" to boot.

      The Missus Herself commands, I can only obey.

  3. I can hook you up with an automatic, self replicating, mobile mowing and fertilizing unit. Financing available. No credit check. :)

    1. Heh.

      The BGRS Mk1 Mod 0 (BGRS = Bovine Grass Removal System.)

  4. Then you have to shovel.

    1. One of the great things about Little Rhody is...

      We don't get much snow.

      Knock on wood. From time to time we've had big blizzards but it's not all winter long like Michigan.

      So I can enjoy winter, after a fashion.

    2. At first I thought Susie was talking about the BGRS.

  5. I pretty much got turned off of the "joys" of mowing lawns when My Dad lived in Thornton, New Hampshire, and I used to travel up there once every couple of weeks to mow his lawn. He had six acres all told, but "only" about one-and-a-half acres cleared and needing my services. No riding mower; all standing behind an electric and pushing it around. I worked up some mighty fine sweats doing that job.

    We now rent and our landlord does the deed here. Since our yard isn't much more than a postage stamp front and back, I wouldn't mind doing it every once in... No, I'm damn glad I don't have to do it.

    1. One-and-a-half-acres-oh-my-aching-back.

      Yeah I'll bet you worked up a sweat or two.

      There are days I miss apartment living. Someone else pays to fix things, someone else does the fixing, someone else mows the grass. On the other hand, having a house provides a bit more elbow room.

      Wait a minute. You said electric mower. That must have been one hell of an extension cord! (Or was it the battery type?)


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