Friday, February 27, 2015

And Then There Were 49

BP and PA, aka FNGs 47 and 48, it's time to turn in your "FNG" name patches and don the ones with your actual call signs on them. (No, you have to buy those yourself. Yes, I am cheap, though I prefer the term "frugal.")

Yes, we have a new member, Erin of Lurking Rhythmically has signed on and will henceforth be known herein and upon the premises as FNG 49.

In her own words:
I am an author, blogger, gun owner, wanna-be game designer, and all-around geeky gamer girl. I will write for money, geek swag, or just my name in lights if the subject intrigues me.
And what's not to like about that?

I've been reading her stuff for a while now and have been most entertained. For example, how cool is a .22LR belt-fed, tripod-mounted machine gun? (Here.) Want one.

(Yeah, yeah, not really tactically viable but it's cuter'n Hell ain't it?)

So welcome aboard Erin, er I mean FNG 49.

Oh yeah, one more thing, the "G" in "FNG" can stand for "Gal" or "Girl" it's not just "Guy" - or so my daughter, The WSO, was informed the day she joined VFA-32. Yes, I was there. Yes, alcohol was involved and oh yes indeed it was fun. Patching ceremonies usually are. I've been to two, one at Oceana and one at Lemoore. That is all...


  1. LOL, thanks. This is the first time I've ever been given a shout-out for subscribing to a blog. :P

    I'm glad you like my stuff -- I was worried the gamer geekiness and the My Little Ponies might have chased you away. ;)

    1. Yeah... well Erin not all of those here have received the royal treatment.
      We don't complain, though, because we know Sarge is a busy man.
      Besides, he gave me a duck on the sidebar.

    2. Erin - Gamer geekiness? Not a problem, did my share of gaming, still enjoy reading about it. My Little Pony? My granddaughter and I watch when we can, which when she's in town is all the time!

    3. Skip! Come on man, you're the only guy on the blog with his very own duck!

      (Now everyone's gonna want one...)


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