Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Lament...

War cemetery at Deir el-Belah 1918, Gaza
To my knowledge, only one member of my family ever died in war. That was my great-great uncle, Robert Bain. I wrote of him here. That's his final resting place in that opening photo.

Such a long way from Scotland...

This weekend lies heavy on my heart.

In remembrance...

Great grandpa Joseph, 22nd New York Volunteer Infantry, Civil War

Great Great Uncle Pliny, 7th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, Civil War, WIA

Great Great Uncle Robert, Royal Scots Fusiliers, World War I, KIA

Grandpa Louis, United States Army, World War I

Uncle Louis, United States Army Air Forces, World War II

Uncle Charlie, United States Army, World War II

My Dad,  United States Army, Berlin Airlift

Uncle Pliny

My grandfather

My Dad

Miss you all...


  1. Remembering SSG Brian T Craig, US Army EOD, KIA Afghanistan 2001

  2. As you've heard me say, time and again, I'd rather be lucky than good. Sarge, it appears you've got a pretty lucky family. May they all rest in peace!


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