Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is it Tuesday already? Then it's time for some trivia!

In addition to some very random stuff, we're going back in time just a bit for today's trivia. Not every question now mind you, but a few reach into the 60's 70's and 80's, maybe even earlier.  Huh, sounds like some radio tag-line- "All the hits from yesterday and today!  That's sort of why I used that picture above.  It's a shot of NAS North Island and San Diego Harbor where I spent several tours and still visit periodically.  Can you guess the approximate year it was taken?  My most recent visit to NASNI was three weeks ago as that's where Civil Servants like myself get to go when it's time for the random urinalysis test.  While I'm fully supportive of keeping both the Uniformed and Civilian sides of the Navy drug free, I'm not sure  testing me for illicit and other cubicle-performance-enhancing drugs is worth the cost.  I just can't see someone questioning my amazing PowerPoint skills- blaming it on PEDs.

As for the age of the photo, I would have guessed that it was taken in the 50's or so, based on the Essex Class Carrier on the quay wall, and being a black and white shot.  However, if one looks closer, that's the Hancock, Connie, and Kitty - a bit younger than the 50's.  The source of the picture says it's from 1975.

Anyhoo, get out your pencils and number your page from 1-20.

1.  I think there’s a few Beatles fans on here so this is for you, sort of…

On New Year's Day, 1962, Decca records auditioned two groups, and decided to sign only one of them. The group that was rejected was, notoriously, the Beatles. What was the group that Decca did sign?

Panama City Beach- circa two weeks ago.
2. I thought this one was interesting, if not somewhat timely.  In what season are we the laziest? You've got a 25% chance of being correct so no hints on this one. For me it’s football season, but that’s not the kind of season I’m looking for.  As for the picture above, I was in Panama City Beach at the end of April.  For work, not Spring Break!  No time to be lazy there.

3. Here’s another Rock ‘n Roll question: What do the J. Geils Band, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Dave Clark Five and Paul Revere and the Raiders have in common?

4. What is the best selling song of all time that has the name of a couple in the title?

5. Name the movie this line is from. “To the pain.”  This question might seem hard, but it's only mostly hard.

6. You'll have to be a current TV watcher to get this next one.  How about this line- who said it? “My cable’s out so I’m down at the rec-center watchin’ people swim.

7. Not really trivia, but more of a brain-teaser, which will help stave off Sarge and Juvat's Alzheimers-  Consider an ordinary cardboard box with a lid (a cube). If you have only black and white paint and paint every panel completely, how could you have an equal number of black and white sides with no black paint touching white paint? You should still have an ordinary (painted) cardboard box when finished.

8. Too easy?  A grocer stacks grapefruit layer pyramid from 9 to 1, with the same number of grapefruit. A grocer displays her grapefruit by making a pyramid that is 9 grapefruit square at the base. The next row is 8 by 8, and so on to the single grapefruit on top. Answer all three of the following questions to earn my temporary respect, and a drink at Shakespeares:
    a.  How many grapefruit are in the display?
    b. Think of the grapefruit in the exact center of the bottom level. How many other grapefruits' weight (partly or wholly) does this one bear?
    c. If every grapefruit weighs exactly one pound, how much pressure (in pounds) is that same bottom center grapefruit carrying? 

9. When asked if he knew the speed of sound, who said he "didn't carry such information in my mind since it's readily available in books."  He was really good at math though.

10. The last time a Republican was elected president without a Nixon or Bush on the ticket was what year?  Imagine Archie and Edith singing.

11.  Here's another picture like the first one.  Try to name the four Carriers in this photo from 1970. Partial credit will be given- meaning I'll give you several sips of my Guinness at Shakespeare's.  By the way, the Coronado Bridge in the background was almost brand new in this photo, having just been completed a year earlier.

12.  Why does Los Angeles International Airport have an X in its 3 letter identifier code? It's the same reason Portland Oregon's airport has one in theirs.

13.  True or False.  Despite being the smallest service in WWII, the Marines lost more men than the US Army Air Corps.

14.  What Foreign leader was given the Key to the City of Detroit in 1980?  Hint- it was due to his donation of $250,000 to a Catholic Church there.

15.  In Desert Storm, what percentage of Saddam Hussein's 4230 tanks were lost?

16.  Name 8 Pro or College Sports Teams with names that might have a military themed name.  Minor leagues are fair game.

17. True or False. When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers play football at home, the stadium becomes the state's second largest city.

18. Name the only state to have two separate designs for its state flag.

19. What was the last of the original 13 colonies to become a state?

20.  A new survey by Wakefield Research reveals that 56.5% of men say this makes them more social. 

Ok, enough of that.  I admit, I was probably hitting the bottom of the barrel for those last few.  Maybe next Tuesday will be better.  Probably not!


1.  The Tremeloes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tremeloes  The band had British hits almost immediately, but didn't have a US hit until later in the 60’s.

2.  It’s Summer.
One of the key issues is motivation: when the weather is unpleasant, no one wants to go outside, but when the sun is shining, the air is warm, and the sky is blue, leisure calls. A 2008 study using data from the American Time Use Survey found that, on rainy days, men spent, on average, thirty more minutes at work than they did on comparatively sunny days.  
You can click here to read the article.

3. The bands are all named after guys who aren't the lead singer.  Apparently Manfred Mann was the original pre-fame lead singer, but gave up the job to a guy with a better voice.

4. Jack and Diane – John Cougar Mellencamp

5. The Princess Bride

6. Super Creepy Rob Lowe.

7. The outside is painted one color, the inside the other color.

8. a. 285.  It's a sum of squares.
    b. It's one inverted pyramid under another pyramid, so it's again a sum of squares, but from 1 to 5, then back to 1= 85.
    c. 8 lbs.  The weight of upper fruit is distributed among all the fruits on the bottom. Figure that four grapefruit rest partially on the one below (one layer only) and assume 1/4 of each fruit's weight is assigned to that one. If each of 4 fruits put 1/4 lb then each layer adds 1/x so 8 lbs because 8 layers.

9. Albert Einstein.  I heard he only got a 790 on his SAT though.

10. 1928 – Herbert Hoover

11.  Hancock in the foreground, then along the quay wall from left to right, Midway, Kitty Hawk, and Ticonderoga.

12.  When three-letter airport codes became standard, airports that had been using two letters like LA, simply added an X.  Portland is PDX.

13.   While the Marines lost nearly 25,000 brave men during the war, with 6,000 of them on Iwo Jima alone, that figure doesn't come close to the losses the US Army Air Corps faced, which numbered 88 thousand. 52k were direct combat casualties.

14.  Would you believe Saddam Hussein?

15.   During the first Gulf war the allied forces lost just 4 tanks out of the 3,360 that were deployed, but the Iraqis lost 4,000 tanks out of 4,230 they used- a total of almost 95%.

16.  Besides the Army Black Knights and USNA Midshipmen, there's the Winnipeg Jets and Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), Norfolk and Milwaukee Admirals (lower division Hockey teams). Norfolk is moving to San Diego to be the Ducks affiliate (Gulls).  There's also the Jackson Tennessee Generals (Seattle Mariners Double-A affiliate), and the Vanderbilt Commodores.  It's a stretch, but you could also consider the University of Central Florida Knights, the USC Trojans, Michigan State Spartans, and Tennessee Volunteers as military.  There's probably more- feel free to educate me.

17. False, it only becomes the states 3rd largest!

18.  Oregon's flag has the state seal on the front, and a beaver on the back.

19.  If I stumped our esteemed host with Rhode Island, I'll be surprised.

20.  Beer!


  1. Not too well. Only got two, but one WAS the box.

  2. Entertaining, Thanks. I will nit pick that the Vanderbilt Commodores are so called after "Commodore" Vanderbilt---who was only called that because he had a fleet of ferries before becoming a rail magnate etc. Nothing military related at all.

    1. Yeah, but it's a "military-like" name! Close enough for this quiz- I'll give you 2 extra points if you keep it just between us girls.

  3. Heh, I knew the one on Rhode Island. It's just the way the folks in Little Rhody roll.

    Beer not only makes us more sociable but more erudite and witty as well. (Right?)

    1. Let me finish my beer and I might feel like answering.

  4. Your trivia contests always kicks my behind, but here's a personal cross connect - depending on when in 1975 that picture of North Island was taken I may have been stationed there. I did about half of my E-2B training training there with RVAW-110. While that was the west coast RAG outfit at the time, they also operated some E-1B Tracer detachments that operated off the Essex class carriers. The Hancock had just returned from her last Viet Nam and I think last ever deployment. She hung out at North Island for a while before being decommissioned. I don't remember aircraft on her deck but that indicates it was probably just after her return, so I was probably there. In spring/summer of 1975 the VAW community moved from NAS North Island to NAS Miramar.

  5. Only one -- Memorial Stadium, Nebraska.

    However, from l-r in 11 you have an Essex, a Kitty, and a Midway, rather than the reverse. I suspect you did that on purpose.

    Fun! Keep 'em coming, and have Mrs. Tuna help you with getting the ribbons and name tag on right. ;)

    1. Hmm, the source picture lists them in the same order I did, with Midway closest to the bridge, but I'll admit, my ancient carrier recce isn't so good.

    2. Not completely outside the realm of possibility that I'm not absolutely correct, mind you. Wish the image had more better resolution. What kind of cheap digital cameras did they have back in the olden days?

  6. Late Entry - after some research it turns out that I was there when the Hancock picture was taken, and that was just before her last Viet Nam cruise. She did participate in Frequent Wind in 1975, so that picture had to be earlier in the year - probably spring judging by all the sail boats.

  7. You missed the Scarlett Knights of Rutgers, Sarge, as well as the U. of Central Fla "Knights." Most of all the Western Illinois Univ "Leathernecks," Macomb, Ill on the banks of the Miss R. (They have a colored mosaic tile insert of the USMC emblem on a black tile background in the Student Union!) You're slippin' mister! :)

    1. Beggin' yur pardon Zur. Warn't me who dunnit, it be Tuna who wrote this post.

      I'm not sayin' I don't make mistakes Zur, far from it, but ya can't pin this one on me. Zur.

  8. @Sarge/

    Wanna know why New Orleans Intl Airport (Louis Armstrong Intl) has the identifier "MSY?" It stands for Moisant Stock Yards! a) stock yards used to exist out there when it was all farm-land and runway was grass besides them and b) It was subsequently named for a American named John Moisant who was killed when his plane crashed in an attempt to fly from downtown N.O. out to the stockyards. Google the guy on Wiki--was a REAL character. LOTS of flying firsts, made millions in Sugar Plantations in El Salvador where he led two failed revolutions-goes on and on. Was flt trained in France--You've GOT to read his Wiki entry!!!

    1. He sounds like a post-worthy chap.

      I'll get the Research Department on this straight away!


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