Sunday, May 3, 2015

So About That Lawn Mowing Thing...

Magnolia Tree
On Friday, we were out and about. The new "lawn care specialist" had been instructed to return that day.

Got home, the grass was uncut, untrimmed and growing like crazy.

Saturday, The Missus Herself and the New England Korean Ladies Council all went to New York, leaving me to man the parapets and keep an eye on things around the palace.

Mower guy was a no show.


So today, I cut the grass myself. Mower guy, nowhere in sight, will be sacked should he come again, which is doubtful.

Not a problem, 'twas a beautiful day. Here are some photos, just for you.

The mower and I stopped to enjoy the view.
This lone red tulip caught my eye.
The cherry trees are starting to blossom, the next couple of days will see them at their peak.
My neighbor's decorative peach, a most lovely sight!
A sweat was broken, beer was consumed, grass was cut. All in all a most successful evolution.

I also decided to make a video, just for you.

There it is, a Sunday double header.

Stand by for Juvat Monday.

I always get a sneak peak, you're gonna like this one!


  1. Being the youngest of seven kids, I always got stuck with the job no one else wanted - mowing. Even though
    I hated it back in the day, it's one of those pastoral pleasures that I now enjoy. And at the end of it all there's
    always a Moose Drool or Free State Stout to enjoy while I sit on the deck and contemplate the finished yard.

    1. I was the oldest and got stuck with the job.

      Yes, the post-mowing beer is excellent.

  2. 88°F here in the North State.
    I know nuttin' about SoCal.

  3. We didn't have a lawn, or a lawn mower. We had acres of hay, an old Farmall, and a John Deere #9 mower. It was not a one day job.

  4. That sound of running water is great. Super video and great pics!

    Just got a letter from the city (I own a home in town) reminding me that they're going to enforce the lawn mowing ordinance. And this time they're serious! You kinda have to live here to understand how reassuring the annual threat is. If they're busy working on the dandelion problem, the city council can't get up to any real mischief.

    1. Lawn mowing ordinance? Wow, glad they've found something important to occupy their time.

      (Reminds of living on base at Offutt, watching the grass cutting GESTAPO going door to door.)


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