Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taking A Day


"Yeah, come on in," I called out, setting down the PDF file on a little known battle in Vietnam. Looking up, I saw who it was.

"Thanks Boss, it's been a rough weekend."

"Yeah, yeah, sit down Muse, take a load off."


"Nah, thanks, I need to get home and hit the sack."

"That bad?" I asked, sitting back in my chair.

"Yeah. I know all this stuff went down a long time ago, but it feels, I dunno, like it happened yesterday. Some of the comments..."

"Yup. Some of the readers have 'been there, done that' - those memories die hard. If at all."

"Yeah Sarge. I want to look at this from a wider point of view. Put the battle in context. I mean this stuff happened after Tet, right? And that d-bag Cronkite had already told the American people that we were losing the war, right?"

"Well Muse," I paused and leaned forward, elbows on knees, hands clenched under my chin, thinking back to those days, back when we still trusted the media.

"Yeah. The media. Man, we used to trust those bastards..."

"Sorry to bring that up Sarge but..."

"Nah, it's okay Muse. At least now we know it's not about reporting facts, it's about selling products. Pleasing the sponsors. Eff it."

"I just need a break Boss, this stuff is kinda depressing..."

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Juvat's up for Monday, Tuna may have something for Tuesday, though he might be traveling for work again, but I got it covered. Take a couple of days. Sort things out..."

"Thanks Sarge. Tuesday afternoon?"

"Yeah, stop by Tuesday. Take some time, smell the flowers, have a beer or twelve."

Yeah, I gave my Muse some time off. Sometimes the research is tough, too many bad memories. Though it was over forty years ago, some of that stuff feels like yesterday.

I'll be back.


  1. And that's all that matters: You will be back. Thank you. God Bless. VR jug

  2. When tanking complete your signal divert backyard.

    Nice pics!

  3. Be sure to feed the Koi, nom nom nom.. :)

  4. #2 is Fox 2 Kill, Egressing west, Bingo. BTW your six is clear.

    1. Long weekend with out much weekend!

    2. Oh yeah, weekends. Basically you work for free around the house. I've had a couple of those lately.

  5. Hang in there, and be glad you CAN have those memories... The options are a lot worse.

  6. I still miss him. I'm glad you've been able to maintain contact.


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