Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Rant Today

Mustangs over DC

I was all fired up and prepared to rant and rave today. Can you tell that I have been interacting with some of the denizens of DC? Our trip to the zoo on Monday was "special" in some respects. But I'm having too much fun to "sweat the small stuff." Hence the title of today's post.

(For those who might be wondering, thinking up post titles is hard. Almost as hard as writing the post itself. Ask Skip.)

So with that out of the way, let's get to it.

I received a new camera for my birthday. Did I get it before the Flyover on VE Day? Nope, got it that evening.

Of course, had I received it that morning, odds are my pictures would not have turned out any better. I'm still learning how to use the new camera. So far it has proven itself to be faster and more versatile than my old camera, which I used for the Flyover.

Going through my photos I was very disappointed to see that I had no good photos of the P-38 nor any of the B-24. Just some blurry shapes that if you squint real hard, look kind of like a P-38 or the B-24.


But I did get to actually see and hear those magnificent aircraft as they swept in over the Department of Agriculture and down Independence Avenue.

Sextet of Stearman Biplanes
The Flying Fortresses were particularly awesome
A pair of P-40s
A whole passel of T-6s and SNJs. (The SNJ is a favorite, I've flown in one.)
B-25s, I can almost picture these three headed outbound from HORNET.
The PBY is a little fuzzy, but I can picture this bird searching for the Japanese fleet near Midway.
Dauntless and Wildcat, perhaps following up on that PBY's report?
Helldiver and Avenger. The Avenger eventually replaced the Helldiver in the Fleet.*
Dakota (C-47) with Invasion Stripes. D-Day!
Fifi, one of the few B-29s remaining. The only flying example!
The finale. Missing Man formation with (l to r) a P-40, an Avenger, a P-51 and the magnificent Corsair.
It was a good day!

*Error - to be explained soon. (Hopefully in the next post.)


  1. I used to come up with the titles before I wrote the post,
    That was way too restrictive, but probably more entertaining for the reader.

    1. The original title was "Time for a Rant,." I started ranting, looked outside, the day was so beautiful that I went outside for a bit. The rant lost all steam. So the title changed. But yeah, I've been paying attention over at your place.

  2. Bet I've met the T-6s and SNJs recently.

    Glad everything is going well on your vacation. 168 days and counting.

    1. I kind of figured those were the same birds.

      (168 days!?! OMG, I'd lose it if I had to wait that long.)

  3. Those are GREAT pictures Sarge. Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated.

    A tiny bit unfortunate that they couldn't have pickled over the USDA.

    As a rancher, I'm just sayin'....

    1. Oh yeah, the USDA is probably not your friend.

      (And thanks Shaun!)

  4. Heh. Niggle (you knew this was coming, right?): The SB2C "Helldiver" did not replace the TBF/TBM "Avenger" in the fleet. It replaced the SBD "Dauntless". Many were unhappy about the change preferring he older SBD, which was deemed more reliable and sturdy. Avengers flew on through the Korean war period as ASW and AEW aircraft.
    Great pictures though, and I completely understand your urge to rant. I do not voluntarily go north of the Rappahannock these days.

    1. Wow, seriously? I guess I had always assumed that as the Avenger was primarily a torpedo bomber, and a very good one, and the Helldiver, also a torpedo bomber but not so good, that one replaced the other.

      Just did a little research, man, I was WAY OFF the mark.

      Thanks for the edumacation Cap'n. I learn from my readers again.

    2. Regular Navy (and history nut). I learn as much--or more--than I teach.

    3. It's nice having guys like you around Cap'n. It keeps me honest!

  5. Great pics indeed. And you went to the DC zoo? Wow. Brave man. Sad to say, but on some days there, it's very clear that the worst of the animals are on this side of the bars.

    1. Yeah. I noticed that. It was the rant that never was.

    2. Please believe me that the REAL Virginia is nothing like the People's Republics of Arlington/Alexandria/Fairfax , much less (shudder) DC.

    3. Alexandria I like, a lot. But yeah, it's too close to DC to be the real Virginia. Which I have seen.

  6. Cool!
    Fifi will have company soon as Doc has been in engine runs and systems check outs in Wichita, Kansas where the B-29 was built.


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