Saturday, November 14, 2015

Aujourd'hui, je suis Français...

The events in Paris have struck me to the core.

We are on the brink of a catastrophe.

Our civilization stands in the balance.

How many more attacks will the West tolerate?

Something must be done.

This is nothing new, just the latest surge of this hateful creed.

Moorish Conquest of Spain. 711 - 788.

Tours. 732.

Vienna. 1683.

The list of outrages seems endless.

When will we say, "This far, but not one step further!"


Ils ne passeront pas!
(They shall not pass!)

Mon sang français crie pour la vengeance! Pour la justice!

Today, I am French...


  1. This would be a good time for my fellow 280+ million American gun owners to put on their big boy pants and start living at Cooper Yellow. We've got far more terrorists here than France has.

    1. Indeed. For those unaware of that system -

      The late Jeff Cooper broke down alertness levels into four colors of escalating degrees of preparation for the use of deadly force.

      In condition yellow, you remain relaxed, but are aware of who and what is around you. This merely means that you are paying attention to the sights and sounds that surround you whether you are at home or moving in society. Condition yellow DOES NOT equate with paranoia or any other irrational fear of persons or places. Instead, you simply have moved your alertness to a level of attention that will prevent you from being totally surprised by the actions of another person.

      While walking through an area you will loosely keep track of anyone behind you. When choosing a seat in a restaurant, you will position yourself to see the entrance or to minimize the number of people who might be behind you.

      Full explanation here

  2. Replies
    1. That's the million dollar question isn't it? We've gone past if, now it's just a question of when and where.

    2. As a resident of the UK who retired from the police some seven years ago I have a horrible feeling it could be us. For those of you who are not aware of the current situation here in the UK we have a Home Secretary (basically responsible for internal security, law enforcement etc). who has cut the size of the UK police since 2010 by 17000 officers. She further proposes additional cuts that will reduce the total strength of the UK police to around the 100k mark. As you are all no doubt aware UK police are not generally armed. She has further proposed that armed units should be cut even more, so if it kicks off armed response will be some time away. As if that is not enough since 2010 a concentrated campaign against the UK police has been run in the press so the vast majority of the public think we have too many cops. She has also spoke about against police powers to stop and search people - apparently to garner favour with some sections of the community.
      This comes against a growing population. The official figures show the UK population is 65 million, Private business, such as supermarkets reckon they are shifting enough goods for a population of 80 million +. The population of the Greater London area is set to grow to 11 million plus by the end of the decade at the same time the Met Police will reduce from 31K officers to 23K or lower. My view? stuff will hit the fan and our press will blame everyone but the ones responsible. Finally the French police did the best they could. Assaulting a place like the concert hall with no chance to plan or prepare is a no win.
      Finally please do not make the mistake of thinking the French are soft. Their political class is weak and indecisive but whose isn't? The people on the ground have always struck me as being very professional and ruthless when they need to be .

    3. Sounds like the Home Secretary is a member of a Fifth Column, in place and doing what she can to aid and comfort the enemy.

      I fear you're right about the UK being next.

      I, for one, do not consider the French soft. 1940 was the result of terrible political leadership and exhaustion from the fighting of 1914-1918.

      Political leadership in the West, on the whole, is weak and thinks in terms of unicorns and pixie dust. As my old Gram might have said, "they're away wi' the faeries!"

  3. How many more reality checks will it take? It's to the point now that the administration must realize this is not a joke are the junior varsity or complaint. It's real and coming here, it is just a matter of time.

  4. To some degree when and where the next attacks will happen will be determined by the reaction of France/Europe to yesterday's events. We know that Barack Hussein Obama is an active Radical Muslim Sympathizer, at most he will push for only symbolic action -after all, he stated Friday morning that "ISIS is contained".

    1. I hope that France reacts violently and decisively.

      Our "leaders" won't.


    3. ISIS is the enemy. I know that.

  5. Merci pour votre soutient, nous combattrons toujours ensemble pour une même idée de la Liberté.

  6. PA is right, wing wife is full of crap!
    Islam IS the problem and has been the problem since the days of Mohammad. Jefferson knew it and go back and read Churchill's assessment before the turn of the last century. How about Hitler's assessment, he used Islam to his advantage.
    Islam is an evil Sociopolitical entity that uses the guise of a religion to foster it's basic program which is to rule the world. Don't be fooled as the various front liners come into prominence and fade. Jefferson faced the Barbary Pirates and today it is ISIS, tomorrow it will be IPA, Islamic Prominence America, who knows. Remember that after 9/11 it was the Taliban. Think about the evolution of the enemy since then.
    Right, Spain, Tours, Vienna, 9/11, What is wrong with you folks? The media loons call Paris a game changer, what assholes, the game has not changed! Islam wants to rule, plain and simple and if we don't respond to that we are fucked, Period! As the last seven years have shown we are getting closer to that fact.
    Another blogger had a long winded diatribe on this subject that I almost responded to but was too angry. We are not animals or savages and Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary.Today we are faced with savages as were our ancestors and I am afraid that the only answer is to attack. Remember what the failure to attack Hitler when he showed his true colors cost us. "Peace in our time," what a life destroying statement that was. I fear for my grandchildren.

    1. It has been going on for a long time, since about 622 AD.

      It won't go away by wishing, that's for sure.

      But please play nice with the other visitors to the blog.

    2. Sorry, but I am very upset with PC and SJW and all the other Qumbya and just give peace a chance and hug a tree and we are all god's children and no one is all bad etc, etc.

      I'll be good :)

    3. Hate to be a pest but the juxtaposition of
      to the many images of Muslim children being groomed for suicide missions is stark, is it not?

    4. I get being upset Cap'n, I really do. It's frustrating as Hell when we have leaders who won't lead. Worse when we have the main stream media (on both sides) publishing opinions as God's truth.

    5. Oh yeah, great article. That old Canadian veteran epitomizes all that is good in humanity.

      The Paris attacks show that we have great evil within us as well.

  7. I would hope, that they, the french, go after the sponsors of the evil, rather then the denizens that thru birth were were born there. You cannot help where you are born, but too tar all there with one brush is just as evil. We should not become the enemy, but rise above.


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