Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hank Caruso's Aerocatures

I mentioned in Speaking of F-4s... and in Rhinos, that I remembered seeing that "cartoon" (actually it's a caricature) above, a long time ago. As you can see by the date, it was drawn in 1983 by the very brilliant Hank Caruso. An engineer and an artist (to me those are sometimes one and the same, toss in the word "wizard" and we're talking old school!) he is also an honorary naval aviator! (#27 as a matter of fact.)

Somebody told me that the pilot above is a dead ringer for Virgil Xenophon. I scoffed at the suggestion, Virgil is taller. (But if ya squint real hard, that WSO could be Juvat's twin!)

Hat tip to my old boss Russ, he posted a version of this on my Facebook page (yes, I do Facebook, don't judge me). Through the magic of "the Google" I found the source. I tried hard to find a source for old Air Force Flying Safety magazines on the Interwebz, but no luck. (Juvat swears he saw Phantoms with rhino heads on 'em in that mag and I'm inclined to agree with him. I used to read that magazine in my salad days. Ha! Like I eat salad.)


The WSO and The Nuke will be in town this week for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The Nuke will be bringing her pups (Bear and Kodi) and The Sea-lawyer will be flying in Wednesday, he's still in school until then. Of course, Big Time is still out at sea but The WSO is bringing two of my four grandchildren along. (The other two will be in California with The Naviguessor and The DIL. They're not traveling this year. I know the feeling, it's important to start your own traditions too. Still, I will miss them.)

I am off work next week, (yes, Ebenezer, I'll be wanting the entire week) but plan to blog as much as possible. Right now to stop blogging would be to stop breathing. I like this gig, though the pay be low (in truth, it's non-existent, so Tuna, Juvat, quit asking for raises, m'kay?)

Before I forget, need a little something for that special aviation-nut in your life? Visit Mr. Caruso's site (here) and pick up his new 2016 calendar. It has Naval Rhinos on the cover! It's available now and is but a mere twenty Yankee dollars. I plan on getting mine soon, very soon. (I bought a new toy yesterday online, so I need to lay low for a couple of days, perhaps I can convince the progeny to "surprise" me with that, ya know, for Christmas. But after Thanksgiving. Stop looking at me that way Suldog and Skip.

'Twas a beauteous day Friday, had a doctor's appointment first thing, then a dental appointment. Man, do I know how to schedule! (No, no, I don't, but that's my point innit?) While between appointments I cast my gaze over my vast tracts of land (okay, some of it belongs to the neighbors) and took some pictures. Sometimes something will catch my eye and if I have the time, I roll out the Canon and blast away.

Like I said, a very lovely and mild day. (I'm waiting for my California friends to start reminding me of all the snow in my future, sigh...)

What the heck, one more Caruso masterpiece to entice you to visit him and spend money. (No, I don't get a cut, I just love cool stuff and buying it keeps the guy making more cool stuff. It's the Sarge Theory of Economics. Buy cool stuff to keep cool stuff in circulation.)


I like to call that one, "Bye bye Ivan!" (Oh wait, are they our friends now or not? Gee, it gets confusing sometimes for this old Cold Warrior!)

Oh yeah, two new fellows up in the header. One flew "Spads" and I don't mean the ones that Eddie Rickenbacker flew in WWI, I mean Skyraiders. I wrote of him once upon a time. The other guy flew with Rasimus and was suggested to me by my buddy Murph. I will be writing of him, soon.

First Lieutenant Karl Richter. Killed in action at the age of 24. Damn.

RIP Sir.


  1. Caruso. Words fail me. I love the WSO's glasses and the nose gunner's flight jacket. The dozens of tiny caricatured but CORRECT details.

    The corner of the yard with the logs and sunshine. That's a cool image of a special place.

    Richter. 8:05-9:42. "They'll never get me anyway."

    One of the blessings of service in the US Military is that every once in a while you get to meet, work with and know men like that. Our loss is Valhalla's gain. Bet the place is rocking on a Friday night.

    1. That was awesome. I haven't watched the whole clip yet, just jumped around to get a feel for it.

      Karl Richter is also at the 49 minute mark. Good men back then, fighting a bad war. Their luster will never dull, their memory remains fresh in this old sergeant's mind.

      I did really like the logs over in the corner, the gold of that tree is what caught my eye. The light was perfect Friday morning. (That's my next door neighbor's yard, the folks who babysit our critters when we're out of town. Good people they are.)

  2. What becomes of the fish in the winter?

  3. Sarge, re: your remark... the elephant IS in the room.

  4. Replies
    1. The Missus Herself slaves endlessly in that yard. It's her pride and joy.


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