Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Cap'n...

You know Sir, a lot of folks no doubt wish you had just stayed in your cubicle, continuing to entertain us with your blog, perhaps publishing that novel someday. A lot of folks would have liked that.

Might as well try to tame the wind.

You went out doing what you loved.


Soaring up into the bright sky on laughter-silvered wings.

Wheeling, soaring and swinging high in the sunlit silence.

Lifting up to heights an eagle would not dare.*

We miss you Lex.

Happy Birthday.

We'll see you again someday.

Ave atque vale

*These three lines adapted from High Flight by Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee, Jr.


  1. Well said Sir.

    He died too young, though he died doing what he loved. What an influence he has had over so many people, most of whom he never met.

    RIP Lex

  2. I really miss that man and his posts. Always First or second on my morning rounds. This Submariner learned an awful lot about life from him. Lex is still a treasure.

  3. Well done. And yes he's missed.

  4. Though I've been described as being "Naught but a Doggy," I miss him too. His blog series, "Rhythms" still is one of the best things I've read.

  5. On the road yesterday, but think of Lex almost every day...and his commentariat--the likes of both which will probably never be seen again...and which hove on my radar screen at a very low point in my life--literally kept me sane being able to interact with others out there who shared many of the same experiences and whose wisdom and knowledge I cherished. Much more than a man was lost when he went down..


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