Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Seventeen Years On...

He was my little furry buddy.

We lost him this day, in 1998. Right about this time...

It still hurts.

To Tiger.

I miss you little guy.

(That story is here.)


  1. I totally understand.

    My belief - I suspect it may also be yours - is that our friends of other species are well taken care of after death.

    1. I believe the same. How could such a loving God give us such companionship in this life and then deny us that same companionship in the afterlife?

    2. I agree. Our four legged companions give 100% of themselves during their short lives with us
      and I firmly believe we will see them again!

  2. Yep. Wouldn't be Heaven without our loyal furry family members and friends. If my dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go where they went.

  3. I can't seem to see the key board very well. I know your sorrow.

  4. Has it been that long??? I miss him so much...just like Patrick Muldoon! The things we did to those poor cats...wearing them like scarves. They were the sweetest babies...but we will see them again! Hopefully Tiger has a carpet in kitty heaven that keeps getting replenished after his little pee "accidents." My sweet fur babies...

    1. I know, it doesn't feel like 17 years. The boys would be 22 yrs old if they were still around.

      Some days it feels like Germany was a previous life.


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