Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Of Pins, Travel and Granddaughters

My buddy Shaun had a link in a comment yesterday for something like this CVN-69 pin. (Yeah, three links in one line, I'm outta control!)
I say "something like" that pin in the photo, because what I am holding up in that photo is the real deal, given to me by The Nuke back when she was part of Ike's reactor department. That's the "officer" version. The enlisted version (which I wish I had) is blue with gold lettering.

Here's what that link offers:


Not quite the same innit? But if you don't know a member of the crew, that button would suffice. Like they say, it's the thought that counts.

As mentioned earlier this week, two of the grandchildren are in town. Within 24 hours we were having quite a time.

Things didn't start that great.

First off, The WSO's flight into Detroit (from SFO) sat on the ground for an hour before a gate opened up where the passengers could disembark, sprint down the concourse to their connecting flight, only to watch it lift off, gear up and disappear into the gloaming.

Secondly, The WSO's flight was supposed to end in Boston. Some 60 miles to the north-north-east of my position. Not a terribly long drive but much farther than the 25 miles to T. F. Green airpatch just south of Providence. (The aerodrome is actually six miles from Chez Sarge as the crow flies. Crows can cross Narragansett Bay with ease, my car cannot.)

Alright, are you with me so far? As I suggested above, The WSO was late disembarking, through no fault of her own, her connecting flight to Boston was long gone by the time she and the granddaughters got off the plane.

Way to go Delta.

That, by the way, was the last flight to Boston.

Queue Big Time's Mom and Dad. They live in Michigan, not far from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW in airline speak). They were overjoyed that perhaps they would get the grandkids for an overnight stay.

Cruel fate intervened at that point.

Seems there was one last flight out of DTW bound for New England. Just so happens that The WSO could make that flight and Delta booked her upon it. Also, wonder of wonders, said flight was going to T. F. Green (PVD in airline speak).

Big Time's Mom and Dad? Bummed, they'd have to see the grandkids later.

The WSO's Mom and Dad? Ecstatic, shorter drive, no need to drive in the environs of Boston, which can be a real PITA. Even late at night. DAMHIK.

So the grandkids arrived, less stress on Your Humble Scribe and I get to hear conversations like this, all week:

The Missus Herself: Are you hungry baby girl?

Little Bit: Yes, but no Korean food. I don't like Korean food.

Your Humble Scribe: Little Bit, you do remember that grandma is Korean right?

[Eyes shift back and forth, looking for an out...]

Little Bit: Oh wait, I like Korean food, it's Chinese food that I don't like.

Your Humble ScribeLittle Bit, you know that grandpa loves Chinese food. Right?

[Eyes shift back and forth, looking for an out...]

Little Bit: Yes, grandma, I'm hungry. Let's eat. [Adopts a look of total innocence, as if the previous exchange had never happened.]

Later that day we discuss boogers.

I love being a grandfather.

Our tribe's newest member.
(The one on the left, ignore the geezer with the crazed look.)


  1. You go, Grandpa! That's a great picture. I think that little one loves her Grampy.

    I have an Ike sea story that starts like this: "When they poured me off of the C-1 and onto Ike's deck, my BAV was still north of point one and the back of my shirt from collar to shoulders was sodden with blood. As I wobbled off toward ATO, where a rep from my temporary squadron would soon collect me, one of the mail handlers shouted with glee, "Would you look at this firetruckin' guy!?!"

    1. My stories from Ike are much, much tamer.


  2. The great thing about gaining new family members is that you have a new audience for old jokes!

    (MY WIFE swears that's why her parents had two more kids after a nine-year gap between she and her younger siblings.)

  3. Everyone can be an expert on boogers.
    They're like opinions and @$$#0|e$.
    Everybody has them.

    It's scary that I knew all of those abbreviations and acronyms.

    1. I'm not surprised you knew all those acronyms.

      But yeah, it's a little scary...

  4. I can tell that you enjoy having your family around as much as I enjoy mine. Have a great Thanksgiving, Sarge.

  5. Caption for that photo. "Wait, what, this is your dad?"

    Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family.

    1. Love the caption.

      You and yours have a great Thanksgiving Joe!

  6. That look on her face! " WOW! I get HIM for my Grampa? HUZZAH! ( As the Badgers say )."

  7. Very Nice Sarge - Happy ThanksGiving.

  8. Nothing like 'em. Have a wonderful, fun Thanksgiving!

    1. They are amazing. Best of the holiday to you and yours!

  9. Enjoy it while it's happening. Grandkids grow twice as fast as did their parents. My eight are either grown or mostly grown now. The youngest is taller than I am and runs Cross-Country for his high school. It's been fun, watching them grow.

  10. You have to love kids. Open mouth, insert foot! Of course, it's always interesting when the duty codger jerks the chain just a wee tad. Enjoy Thanksgiving, you do, indeed, have a lot to be thankful for.

    1. Hahaha, love it, "the duty codger!"

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving Dave!

  11. FDIL (favorite daughter-in-law) refers to me as EFIL (evil father-in-law).Teach a kid to bite the bottom off an ice cream cone so ice cream drips on their shirt and the mother becomes irate. Just a grandpa tip for you.

    1. I must try that. But only when Grandma's not looking!

  12. LOL< enjoy the time with the kids and grandkids!


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