Friday, November 6, 2015

Tired of Politics? Let's Watch a Video!

A little something from where Juvat and I used to work.

Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.

Much has changed since I was there, the aerospace ground equipment (AGE) is now gray, as are the jets. In my day, the AGE was painted green and the jets were camouflaged.

Yeah, yeah, I know. A billion years ago...

The 2013 Raytheon Trophy award winner video, the 67th Fighter Squadron, the "Fighting Cocks."

(This is the PG version of the video. Apparently in the original there is mention of fire trucks? Or fudge? I'm not sure...)



  1. When I was at Oki it was BUFFS, F-4's and SR-71's. Amazing times.

    1. Yup, things change. Ditto on the Phantoms and the Habus. The BUFFS showed up from Guam when the typhoons were upon us.

      I'm sure you remember those times well, some things stay with you.

  2. Great video!

    BTW, did you know that the US Navy has a proud (and senior) Fighting Cock tradition? April, 1814. Plattsburgh Bay. A solid shot fired by HMS Linnet crashes into the poultry cage aboard USS Saratoga. An enraged gamecock emerges from the wreckage, flies into the rigging and alights, facing the British, thundering an unambiguous challenge. The rest is history, and evermore would US naval vessels named Saratoga be "The Fighting Cock."

    1. Did not know that! Pretty awesome!

      Of course, the Navy also has VFA-22, The Fighting Red Cocks. That's a Rhode Island Red BTW.


    2. Good point! It's not the size of the state in the fight...

      Which RI has demonstrated a time or several.

    3. Heh, indeed they have. From time to time. HMS Gaspee springs to mind.

  3. I saw a post on f/b that immediately reminded me of what 'fire truck' signifies.
    'Food truck' works just as well.
    Thus, it is interchangeable.
    But then, the phonetic version I posed yesterday is kinda cute, eh?

    1. I liked your phonetic version. A lot.

      Food truck is nice as well.

  4. Replies
    1. Flyers tend to be good at these things, in my experience.


    2. An AIM-9L makes any Lt lethal. Similarly, a GoPro makes any Lt Cecil B DeMille.

    3. I can think of at least one "old" (mature?) Phantom driver who probably wishes the GoPro had been invented in his day.

      Then again, maybe he's glad it hadn't been?


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