Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ad Memoriam Mortuorum

The Wall
by Catherine Anne McNeill

I walked along that long black wall, with names as far as I could see. 
Friends I knew in childhood now etched in memories.
I've touched their names so many times, remembered them with love.
I walk along, the rain pours down, tears from heaven above.

I watch a Vet, deep in thought, pain across his face.
He walks a mother to the wall; he's taken his friend's place.
She reaches out to touch a name, the one that was her son.
They pause together in the rain, their memories a bond.

The men who fought, the men who died, their names for all to see
Their lives so brief, fallen short, a page in history.
We can't forget what they had done, so many years ago.
Sacrifices they have made the bravery they showed.

I walked along that long black wall, crying in the rain.
For all those men who've touched our lives, we'll never see again.

28 May 2000 (Source)

PFC Charles D. Raver and PFC Christopher S. Bryant
Killed In Action, Republic of Vietnam
Quang Nam Province
17 May 1968


PFC Raver is on the Vietnam Memorial, Panel 62E, Line 10.


PFC Bryant is on the Vietnam Memorial, Panel 61E, Line 24.


PFC Bryant was loyal reader STxAR's uncle. His buddies called him Steve. Both men died on the same day and were members of the same unit. May their memories always shine forth as exemplars of all that is good in this Nation of ours.

Marines, across the ages, I salute you.

Semper Fidelis


  1. 18 and 19 years old. Fates were not kind to these young men. As it is said, they gave their tomorrows for our today.

  2. I wasn't expecting to cry today. Thank you for this remembrance. I really do appreciate it.

    I have most of his letters from bootcamp to his parents, and all the ones to them from Viet Nam. I policed up a few of the blanks from the salute (I was 5). That was the first funeral I remember attending, and I can see it like it was this morning. I still can't hear Taps with dry eyes.

    He was a Marine for 6 months, and in country for about 2 weeks. I've read about the operation he was on, and his position appears to have been overrun early in the morning of 17 May.

    May we live worthy of their sacrifice.

    1. I owed it to your uncle's memory and to PFC Raver's as well.

    2. Never have been able to listen to Taps with dry eyes. Don't plan to start now.

  3. I didn't know them but they were our Brothers. Well done!!

  4. Once there was a place where when one left, one was invited to "go with God", and the response was always, "stay with God".

    I think the Marines got shortchanged since everybody knows that Heaven's streets are guarded by US Marines. All I can say is that I hope they enjoy 1 in 10 duty.


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