Friday, May 13, 2016

Me and the Bear

My daughter, The Nuke, has two dogs: Bear and Kodi. While The Missus Herself and I are visiting, we get to baby-sit the pups, rather than having them go to day care. They like day care as they get to hang out with their buddies. They don't mind chilling at home with Grandma and Grandpa (the latter c'est moi.)

We do morning walkies and afternoon walkies (a term I have borrowed from fellow blogger Eric, he of the cool head gear), Grandma walks Kodi, I get the Bear. (That's Bear in the photo, along with my right foot.)

Now Kodi is whitish with a darker blondish streak down her back. She's a Labrador - Pit Bull mix, she swims like a dolphin and is stronger than an ox. She's a big old softie who seems scared of her shadow most days. I daresay though that she would shred anyone acting aggressively towards The Nuke. She can be quite scary when she needs to be. Took her a while to get used to me, now we're buddies.

Bear is a German Shepherd - Chow mix, she's prettier than all get out and is one of the smartest dogs I've ever met. She's also pretty high energy and let me tell you, that girl can run. When she and Kodi visit us in Little Rhody, the two of them love to run around the back yard. Kodi is good for short bursts, when that girl runs she's all muscle and power.

Bear, on the other hand, sprints like the wind. She is fast, turns on a dime and can run all day. When Kodi stops for a breather, Bear is still running.

Kodi is an F-4, Bear is more like an F-14. (Yeah, pretty high maintenance.)

It's been fun taking them out for walkies this week. I have to say I'm going to miss that a lot when we head back North.

Yeah, getting Bear to hold still long enough to get a picture is a bit of a challenge. Girl makes you work for it, I tell you. I may have even lost a couple of pounds chasing her up and now the streets of Old Town. Don't get that kind of workout with a cat, no way.

Still, I miss my felines. Yes, they will be annoyed when we get home. After all, we're both gonna smell like dog. Don't ask...


  1. Replies
    1. Inquiring minds and qirky tablets ya know!!!

    2. The neighbors watch the kitties when we're out and about.

    3. Your tablet is quirky today innit?

    4. doesn't refresh after posting like I think it should.

  2. Grand dogs and grand kids are grandparent's delight. Enjoy them, spoil them, then give them back.

  3. Sometimes when I'm tagging a baby calf and the mama is kind of on the fence about whether to intervene or not, the smell of wet stinkydog is enough to tip the balance. Which is why I'm presently sporting a giant bruise on my

    1. Hhmm, do cattle feel about dogs the same way they might feel about wolves?

      And I'm guessing that bruise would not be discussed in what we back East might call "polite company."

    2. I don't know how they feel about dogs, but they sure behave like they think dogs are predators.

      You guess correctly. I think the cow was just making sure I wasn't a dog wearing a people suit.


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