Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meeting Old Friends, for the First Time

Aidan's Pub (Source)
Some years back, I had no idea about this blogging thing. I read the US Naval Institute blog daily, but didn't really think of it as a blog, per se. Of course, at the time I really had no idea what a blog was. Not a clue.

Then one day, in a conversation with The WSO she told me of a brouhaha in her husband's squadron, VFA-136. Doting father (and father-in-law) that I am, I broke out the Google-Fu to get more "gouge" on the story.

And that's when I stumbled across a blog yclept Neptunus Lex. The proprietor of that fine establishment had a well written story of the events at VFA-136. I tipped off The WSO, she and her husband (Big Time) both indicated that the story was accurate.

At the time I also noticed that this fellow seemed to write every day, sometimes more than once. I started reading some of his other entries, soon I was reading Neptunus Lex every day. It was part of my daily routine. Get coffee. Fire up computer. Hit Neptunus Lex.

As I was "up north" in my employer's "vast global enterprise," working away from home, living in a hotel, reading that blog kept me connected with the outside world. Sure I could watch the news, groan at the commercials and think I was being "informed."

Nope, not my style. Still isn't.

Another thing about this blog was the number of interesting and well-informed folks who commented there. No trolls that I can remember, well, there were a couple but the proprietor would usually see them off the premises in short order. Generally speaking a rather nice group of people. Not the usual comments you'd read on the Web of World Wideness. (Check out damned near any YouTube video and read the comments. Like a band of bloody orcs marching out of Mordor, snapping at each other and being generally unpleasant.)

After Captain LeFon's (the inhaber of Neptunus Lex, callsign "Lex") untimely demise in March of 2012. I, and a great many others, felt as if we'd been punched in the gut. Our little community was rocked by the loss of our main man, the guy whose writing entertained and educated us every day. What would we do?

Well, a number of things happened. A new blog was created titled The Lexicans (yes, that is a link) and folks were solicited to write for it. I signed on, eventually created my own place (what you're reading now as a matter of fact).

Then some of us around the country gathered to salute the memory of our fallen comrade on the day of his funeral. Some of us started meeting face-to-face, here in New England, out in Sandy Eggo, Chicago, and other far flung locations. We discovered that we had much in common, not just an appreciation for Cap'n LeFon's writing and sense of humor. We started referring to ourselves as Lexicans. We became a community again. We even have our own Book O' Face page!

Well, Saturday I got to meet yet another fellow Lexican fact-to-face. Once again we discovered many things in common other than an appreciation for the old blog, Neptunus Lex.

Bob, for that is his name, and his son James (again, that is the lad's name, no last names though as we always like to maintain the privacy of our community) had traveled down to Little Rhody for their annual father-son road trip. Thought to look up Yours Truly whilst in the vicinity and so they did.

A fine dinner was had at that fine establishment shown in the opening photo, Guinness was consumed (For Strength) and stories were swapped. All in all, it was an excellent time.

The Missus Herself didn't really understand this Lexican thing in the beginning, but as she meets more of our merry band, she understands. Communities are built upon common interests and common beliefs, This Lexican thing is very real and very special.

So whenever I get the chance to meet face-to-face with a fellow Lexican, I always say that I'm meeting an old friend.

For the first time.

Thanks for stopping by, Bob and James. A pleasure to finally meet you.


  1. I have high hopes of that meeting coming to fruition also, Sarge. It will involve Guinness to honor Lex and Bruichlddich "Laddy Eight" to honor a Scot.

    1. That needs to happen sooner rather than later. As I mentioned to Bob at the pub, "I've met Tuna on numerous occasions, out there and here. But Juvat and I have never knowingly met face to face, though we might have met in Korea."

      Yes Sir, you're another old friend I look forward to actually meeting.

  2. I have met a number of folks I first became acquainted with via the Internet ...before f/b (aka the Book of Face) ...and even before blogging.
    Lex's blog was special in that he was meticulous about his posts, as are you.
    I regret that I was never able to meet Buck in person.
    Our paths crossed in many places and it was fun sharing memories of locations with him.

    1. Buck is another whom I wish I had met in person. We shared a special relationship over these here Intertubz (as he might have put it).

      On occasion I will go back and look at my older posts and see a comment from him, gives me pause it does.

      Miss him, a lot.

  3. Miss BOTH of them a lot--hardly a day goes by..

  4. "Like a band of bloody orcs." Great description. Might have a chance to meet up in Lil-Rhody again late this month. I'll let you know.

    1. Thanks Tuna.

      That's cool on the Little Rhody trip. Definitely keep me posted.

  5. Very nice! And I've got to get up there one of these days to actually meet you.

    1. That would be epic.

      Of course, there's much to see in the Lone Star State. I need to get down there someday.


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