Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday #15

It's Groundhog Monday! If I can find, and kiss Andie McDowell, it'll be only 5 more workdays til the weekend.  Seems like only 3 weeks since the last one.

If, as Tuna suggested, blogger had a sarcasm font, the next paragraph would be using it, in bold, underline and italics.  Be forewarned!

I love this time of year!  There's a strong sense of anticipation in the students and teachers coupled with an intent to do their best in every endeavor.  There's a calmness that descends upon the district as school starts and faculty and students settle into the learning routine.  Patience is abundant and an understanding of what's important and what's not is widespread.  As I said, I LOVE this time of year.

So, take that for what it's worth.  School has started and "it is, what it is!".  With enough blood pressure meds, and rum, we will get through.

But, the first week does have one blessing 'round here.  It's only 4 days long as the Friday is always County Fair weekend, and the County Fair always starts with a parade.

Yep, you got it.  I'm relying on Parade pics to cover my lack of pithy political commentary and soulful analysis of the way of things in the world.  You lucky dogs, you!

Parade start is at the trees on the left behind the old Marine's ball cap.
The parade is a down and back.  It starts at the courthouse heads east 3 blocks to the Nimitz Museum, turns around and heads west for 7 blocks just under a mile and a half.  The turnaround for some of the floats is a sight to see.  

Temperature at kickoff was a balmy 80 degrees with 86 percent humidity.  Our rain gauge showed 10 inches over the last week.  I haven't seen our hay looking this deep green in August ever.  While I pray for the folks in Baton Rouge, I was glad to see us get some.  But....It was humid!
Refreshing Ice Cold beverages! (It's a civilized town)
The parade started precisely at 10AM, led off by the NJROTC detachment from the HS.  Not because they're particularly prompt, but TXDOT only allows us to block traffic on the main street (a major US Highway) for 1 hour.

The color guard did a very presentable job for being high schoolers.  Their Captain is a Hawkeye backender, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't his doing.

Pride of the Texas Hill Country
The Colors were followed by the HS Band, playing some marching music as they went by.
A mile and a half walking backwards builds some hefty calf muscles
It's always nice to see a marching band. Especially when you know most of the kids in it.  Lot's of hootin' and hollerin' from the sidelines as it went by.
Drummer Addy helps with Mrs. Juvat's store (when she's not keeping the band in step)
Next, I was sure OldNFO was on the next entrant.
The next two entries were from the Texas Ranger Heritage center
Alas, not him.
I don't think OldNFO has lost this much weight!

So, maybe he couldn't make it.

 Current County Fair Court
There was quite a bit of gasping at this float, all bedecked in Maroon.  Seems most of the gaspers preferred burnt orange.  I thought it was a FINE float!
Contenders to ride the float next year.

There were a lot of antiques in the parade.  As this fire truck drove by, a friend of mine seated next to us (on his pickup tailgate) remarked to his grandkid how OLD the truck was.  He's my age.  I looked at him and mentioned that it was made after we were, so lets be careful with our words.

Speaking of old, there was an old Bat in the parade.

From the Old Railroad Tunnel Bat Cave
And her Bat Dog.
What are you laughing at juvat?  At least I don't have to walk!
Then the tractors started.
The wife said "NO!"


Still upright, backwards and in step.

The band made the turn.

Then came the Shriners, or as I like to call them "Old farts having too much fun".

A new venue in town
This is a new way to tour the town.  In the middle is a large cooler filled with beer and wine.  You drink while providing the locomotive power via bicycle pedals along the side.  Seems popular, thanks.

The statement originated in Texas
There was some political statements made.

"The best little band in Texas"
Then the other HS in the County brought their band by.

Recruiting volunteer fire fighters early these days.
Another frequent sight at Texas Parades, the mounted Posse.
From Parker County just west of Ft Worth.
This time I was positive OldNFO had made it.  The Posse's from his neck of the woods, (Texas standards, not RI standards), and the Mustache is a dead giveaway.
I'm jealous
OldNFO is pretty stealthy.  I yelled out his name and he just looked at me kinda puzzled like.

Not sure how a T-Rex sells Country and Western Radio, but what do I know?
Evidently there's a follow on career in the parade industry for retired Air Force.  Ya hear that, Sarge?  Something to look forward to.

  Mrs. Juvat is giving my future career choice a high five.

Then came this group.

From Palo Pinto County (the county just west of Parker County)
The unit won Best in Parade, and wasn't shy about letting everyone know.  

This vehicle and I have something in common, and my friend on the next didn't say anything this time.
The Nimitz museum had their entries.

Trigger discipline is important even if the weapon is inop.

More Shriners
These guys really were having fun!

Old farts having WAY too much fun!

Add caption
A float advertising for Oktoberfest (the first weekend in October, the town is crowded, but it's a lot of fun).

Float advertising the burgeoning local wine industry
The Texas Hill Country is now the second largest Wine destination in the country (some place named Knappy or something like that is first. )  Seems like there's wineries going up all over.

Das ist Alles!
And this group, a local trail ride association, brought up the rear.

Well, except for the young lady who had to scoop up Equine you know what.  She paid extra for that, I'm sure!


  1. A) When I was in band in high school, tritoms were considered very chic among the drummer types. I se that lass seems to have quint-toms!
    B) The old pumper has the King of Sirens, a Federal Q! Buuuh-WAAAAAH!
    C) I like the LP IH!
    D) She really needs to let you get a Deere!
    E) The Jeeps are wrong, USN/USMC Jeeps had lift rings on the front bumpers, for lifting in and out of holds, and for tie down chains while in the hold. Them's Army Jeeps
    F), It looks like it was nice parade, I bet you had fun!

    1. A) Yes, she does, and like most HS drummers, every flat surface is a drum!
      B) Yeah, he fired it off on the next block. Loud even from there.
      C) It was a nice tractor. Not sure how well Parade Tractor Driver pays though.
      D) I'll just have to make do with my Mahindra in the interim. 16 YO runs like a top.
      E) I hadn't noticed that, good catch. My Buddy (retired Army) works for the museum, I'm sure his response will be that the Army had a big role in the Pacific also. In reality, I think it's "we have what we were able to get."
      F) It was, I did.

  2. The parade looked great.
    School. Around this time of year I start hearing, "I don't want to go to school," "Nobody likes me at school," "the principal hates me," "don't make me go to school." When I finally get tired of hearing the endless litany of complaints, I turn to my wife and say, "Stop complaining and act your age. You chose to be a school teacher!"

    1. That was good for a chuckle. I liked this cartoon on Proof Positive's site yesterday. Forwarded it off to my DIL (a 2nd Grade Teacher) as something to aspire to.

  3. If I can find, and kiss Andie McDowell, it'll be only 5 more workdays til the weekend.

    And I'm wondering just how painful those five days would be if Mrs Juvat catches you smooching the fair Andie McDowell.

    Tractor driver in a parade as a future career? Sounds intriguing. I volunteered a few years back to march in Bristol's Fourth of July parade, oldest in the country. As I recall, the parade route is fifty miles long (no, that's what it felt like in the summer heat, probably only around two to three miles) and we were surrounded by throngs of people, most were still sober because the parade is in the morning. It was fun. When asked if I'd do it again, I pretended not to speak English, or Spanish, or Portuguese, or any other language known in these parts.

    Driving a tractor sounds good. Do they have cup holders?

    1. John Deere Tractors do. Some even have AC and stereo. My Mahindra doesn't have either.

      Probably right on the kissing part. Ms McDowell probably would assist Mrs. Juvat in increasing the pain level. Maybe I just have to rescue the groundhog to break the spell. (I sure as heck ain't kissing it!)

    2. My 1995 JD had an AM/FM Cassette deck. I added a CD player.

  4. Looks as though it was a great parade. Thanks for the post.

    Paul L. Quandt

  5. So, there I was [y'all know the drill] 6:30 this morning on my tablet writing a comment... flippin' tablet froze!!!

    Schools started here two weeks ago ...what's with that?
    The silly fair was the second week in June ...before anyone had stuff to show, except for quilts and afghans.
    We've had no parade for over 25 years ...probably the above has something to do with that?

    About the truck with which you have something in common ...I remember when Grandpa bought one new for the shop.
    Dad borrowed it once to get some stuff for the garden.
    He didn't tell Grandpa it was horse manure.
    Grandpa was real careful about lending the truck after that.

    1. I'll bet your Grandpa WAS real careful. Course a pickup has a very distinct U shaped curve to the "care in lending" timeline. There's a period of time at the beginning when requests to borrow are met with a jaundiced eye, then they're a long period when it just doesn't matter, it's just a truck. Then they come back into their own. I suspect the one in the picture is in that state. It certainly would be if it were mine.
      What kind of tablet? We're having loads of issues with our school issued Dell tablets. Had to update the BIOS to stop them from freezing. At some point a Windows update went "No Mas!" with out the newest BIOS.

  6. LOL, I never got the invite!!! And those 'old school' parades are great! :-)

    1. Yeah they are. 'Mon down sometime. July 4, 3rd Fri in Aug and first Fri in Dec (night). Fun little town. Sarge has my email.

  7. Love the small town parades. In years past was in several. One time my parent's square dance club did the parade square dancing on a hay wagon. The men all wore their spurs with the biggest rowels (Known in the area and the era as "Mexican Gut Hooks") The ladies weren't amused.


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