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Summer Olympic Trivia

1. What country has hosted the Olympic Summer Games 4 times?
a. England
b. USA
c. Greece
d. France 

2. How many countries have had representation in every Summer Olympics?  Can you name them?

3. What country competed in the 1956 Olympics, but also boycotted them?

4.  How many athletes participated in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris?  

a. 2500
b. 660
c. 997
d. 1780

5.   What was used for targets during the shooting events during those games?

6.  In the first Olympics in Athens, what types of medals were awarded?

a. Gold, Silver, Bronze
b. Gold and Bronze
c. Gold and Silver
c. Silver and Bronze

7.  The US has never won a medal in ____ sports.

a. 2
b. 5
c. 12
d. 8

8. How old was the senior-most Gold Medalist?  

9.  What about the oldest medalist of all?

Jeannie Finch (hint for the next question)                         Source

10. What five sports will be added to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020?

This is also a hint
11.  What was banned (by Hitler) from the Olympic Village in 1936, but an exception was given to the French and Italians?

 Christa Luding-Rothenburger

12.  What feat did East German Christa Luding-Rothenburger accomplish in 1988 that is now impossible?

13.  What did Nikolai and Yuri Pimenov from the Soviet Union become the second to accomplish in 1980?

14.  What country has won a gold medal at every Olympic Games?

15.  What is the record for the most appearances in the Olympic Games?

16.  Which of these have never been an Olympic sport?

a. Motorcycle Racing
b. Hot-Air Ballooning
c. Croquet
d. 10 Pin Bowling

17. Which of these countries has only won a single Olympic medal?

a. Albania
b. Fiji
c. Djibouti
d. Bolivia

18. How much gold is actually in those gold medals?

a. 80%
b. 50-65%
c. 30-40%
d. 0-25%

19.  The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will be the first games to feature this.

a. Have no sports with athletes maintaining an amateur status.
b. The 300m Hurdles event
c. A trans-gendered surfer
d. The first athletes born in this millennium

20.  In 1924, American Robert LeGendre smashed the world record for the long jump, but only took home the bronze medal.  I'll give you 5 guesses why.

Ok, pencils down.  Grade your own papers.


Maracanã Stadium (


1. Four-time host?  USA. In 1904, 1932, 1984 and 1996
2. Always an Olympian? 5- Switzerland, Australia, Greece, Great Britain, France.  However, Australia competed with a combined Kiwi and Aussie team as Australasia, and a lone Frog was on the US team in 1904, the year France didn't send a team.
3. Play and No-way? Switzerland.  They competed in some early equestrian events in Stockholm, but then later boycotted the rest of the games in Melbourne months later.
4. By the numbers- 997 athletes competed in 19 events, which is far more athletes than spectators that attended.
5. Targets?  Live pigeons, which was the last time that was done.
6. What's your medal?  C.  Silver and Bronze.  Four years later, few medals were awarded with mainly Cups and Trophies given out.
7.  We're American and we suck:  5- Badminton, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ping Pong, and Trampoline
8.  Oldie but a goodie:  64 year old Oscar Swahn of Sweden in shooting in 1912
9.  The same guy took the silver 8 years later.  The family has a total of 15 medals!
10. Nubes:  Baseball/Softball, Karate, Skateboard, Sports Climbing and Surfing
11.  Alcohol, but they were given an exception at meal times after appealing.  Boozing whiners!
12.  What'd she do?  Won medals in both Winter and Summer Olympics in the same year. Speed Skating and Track Cycling.  Now the games are staggered.
13.  They were the second set of twins to earn a team medal in the same event (Coxless Pair- a rowing event).  They took the silver, but gold went to Bernd and Jorg Landvoigt (East Germany).  By the way, Americans Calvin and Alvin Harrison (bros, but not twins) were on the same gold medal 4x400 relay team in Sydney.  Clones Paul and Morgan Hamm won the team silver for the US in the All-Around Gymnastics event in Athens in 2004.
14.  Always taking the gold:  Great Britain
15. Frequent flyer: 10- By Canuck Show Jumper Ian Millar.  His horse got sick or he would have made it 11 in Rio.
16. One of these things is not like the others...D. 10 Pin Bowling.  The medal made you guess wrong I'd expect.  Bowling was an Olympic-related event in '36, but not an IOC-sanctioned sport.
17. Once is enough: C- Djibouti won a bronze medal in the Marathon in the 1988 Seoul Olympics
18. There's gold in them thar medals!: D.  In London it was barely 1%.  However, they must be 92% silver.
19. Kids these days:  D.  We've got a 16 year old Ping-Ponger, but Nepal brought a 13 year old swimmer.  Wrestling still requires amateur status.
20. Winner and a loser: He did that during the Pentathlon, but his other four events didn't score high enough.   

14-20 Correct: 

9-13 Correct:

4-8 Correct: 

Less than 4 Correct?  You must be a bowler.


  1. I wrote this post a couple nights ago, but if you were paying attention, NBC gave away many of the answers during the opening ceremonies. I think Giselle Bundchen was the best part of that.

  2. Bowler here. My response to each and every answer was "I did not know that." I'm scratching my head over motorsickle riding being a sport while my beloved bowling remains unsanctioned. I think I'll boycott.

    I do like the codpiece symbol. If that don't say Brazil, nothing does.

  3. I got one right. No longer a big fan of the Olympics except for some track and field events. Just to be picky, the USA is not a city.

    A lot of work putting this together, interesting stuff.

  4. So do I have to take up bowling? Or is that more of a suggestion.

    I used to be a big devotee of the Winter Games, never really enjoyed the Summer Games.

  5. Nice set of trivia there! :-) Honestly didn't know most of them... sigh


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