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More Olympic Trivia? Why sure!

I'm not sure if my last trivia post was a big hit or not.  If so, it might have just been the spambots in Russia, but based on the comments a few of you seemed to like it so here's another, this time with a little help for you on a few of them.  Naval Aviators will have somewhat of an unfair advantage however, but that just can't be helped.*
Sir Durward Knowles                             Source

1. The oldest surviving Olympic champion is believed to be Sir Durward Randolph Knowles, a salty old sailor from the Bahamas.  He took the gold in Tokyo back in '64.  Just how old is he?

a. 88
b. 90
c. 98
d. 101

2. What is the order of the Olympic Rings?

a. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange
b. Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
c. Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green
d. Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple

3. What sport is making its Olympic debut this year?

a. Women's Rugby
b. Golf
c. Surfing
d. Harness Racing

4. You might know that only one US National Park has ever bid to host an Olympics.  Which one?

a. Olympic National Park
b. Yosemite National Park
c. Park City National Recreation Area
d. North Cascades National Park

5. True or False-  Asians have won every medal in Badminton since it became an Olympic sport in 1992. 

6. Straight outta the record books, eight medals have been won by this pair of American Siblings.

a. Jackie and Florence Joyner (6 Jackie 5 Flo)
b. Venus and Serena Williams - Tennis 8 (1 each singles, 3 doubles)
c. Steve and Phil Mahre - Skiing
d. Reggie and Cheryl Miller - Basketball

7. Which country had its track and field athletes banned after they were caught doping?

a. Jamaica
b. Germany
c. Columbia
d. Russia

8. What country has sent the second most athletes to Rio?

a. China
b. Brazil
c. Australia
d. USA  

9. Five sports have been a part of every Olympics.  Which one hasn't?

a. Cycling
b. Shooting
c. Fencing
d. Swimming

10. Which event awards the most medals?

a. Swimming
b. Track and Field
c. Gymnastics
d. Shooting

11. Which two sports in London aren't in Rio?

a. Cricket, Squash
b. Softball, Baseball
c. Women's Rugby, Windsurfing
d. None, no sports were dropped

12. Which Country holds the most summer Olympic medals?

a. Russia
b. Germany
c. China
d. USA  

13. When did Great Britain last medal in Soccer?

a. 1912
b. 1920
c. 1992
d. 2012

14. Which nation did NOT dip their flag to the host nation's leaders during the Opening Ceremony?

a. USA
b. Russia
c. China
d. Saudi Arabia

15. How many US athletes in Rio are in the military?

a. 4
b. 10
c. 12
d. 18

16. What type of event do the majority of those compete in?

a. Shooting
b. Sailing
c. Track and Field
d. Triathalon

17. T/F-  Tug of War was an Olympic event through the 1920 games in Antwerp Belgium.

18. What year did basketball become an Olympic sport?

19. How many nations have more swimming gold medals than Michael Phelps?  

a. 30
b. 25
c. 12
d. 6

20. How many nations joined the US in boycotting the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow?  

a. zero
b. 6
c. 65
d. 80

21. Readers, Sports Fans, History Buffs, lend me your sports knowledge and tell me in which Olympics did the American boxer Muhammad Ali win the light heavyweight boxing title?

a. 1960 Rome Olympics
b. 1964 Tokyo Olympics
c. 1968 Mexico City Olympics
d. 1972 Montreal Olympics 

22. Which athlete duplicated Jesse Owens' 1936 feat by winning four gold medals in track and field in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?

a. Edwin Moses
b. Derek Redmond
c. Carl Lewis 
d. Florence Griffith Joyner

Bonus Question:

What do these numbers represent?
15K in Atlanta, 90K in Sydney, 150K in London, 450K in Rio

1. c - 98
2. c - Blue, black, red, yellow, green.
3. a - Technically it's Rugby Sevens, a faster version of the original, and it's for both men and women.  Golf had been played in the past, but has returned.
4. Yosemite National Park in 1932.  Olympic was a distraction, Park City isn't a National Park, and N. Cascades wasn't even a park until 68.
5. False, 10 of the 91 medals have gone to Anglos, but only 1 gold- Denmark.
6. b - The Williams sisters.  Unfortunately they lost on Monday to end their run - (1 each singles, 3 doubles)Jackie and Florence Joyner have 11 
7.  d - The Russkies
8. b - Brasil, although some sea-lawyers out there will take umbrage with my phrasing, since as host, Brasil isn't technically sending anyone.  USA has the most- 100 more than Brasil
9. b. Shooting (Not held in 1904 or 1928)- 1904 makes sense after they killed 400 pigeons in 1900)
10. b - Track and Field 47.  Swimming has 34
11. d - trick question, none.
12. d - America of course.  If you got this wrong, consider yourself a commie.
13. a - 1912. It's been over 100 years
14. The American team doesn't dip their flag for anyone, not even the President of the United States.  There might be others, but you can read the link.
15. c -  18
16. Shooting, like that was a difficult guess.  Although sailing isn't a bad guess.
17. True
18. 1936
19. d - Only 6 Countries have more swimming medals than the flying fish!
20. c - 65
21. a - 1960 in Rome, but don't get play any Cassius Clay technicalities or I'll knock you out.
22. c. Carl Lewis.  Four gold medals, one each in 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump, and as a member of the 4 x 100 meter relay team.


Bonus Question: It's the number of condoms handed out during the Summer Olympics.  The huge jump in Rio is partially due to the Zika Virus.

The other reason?  Read and laugh, or shake your head.  http://www.espn.com/olympics/summer/2012/story/_/id/8133052/athletes-spill-details-dirty-secrets-olympic-village-espn-magazine

*When in doubt, Charlie out.


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