Friday, October 21, 2016

A Pretty Good List

It's one of those days where you get a video, and not much else. It's been a very long week. Like I have mentioned before, blogging is hard. (It's harder when you don't get enough sleep!) So let's get on with it.

The other day I posted a list of movies I really enjoy. As I was casting about for ideas for today's post, I ran across a video called "The Top Ten World War I  Movies." So I watched it. Some of the films I've seen, some I haven't. Some I need to track down and watch. It's a pretty good list, even if it doesn't have a few of my own favorite WWI films. (Sgt York and The Blue Max to name just two.)

These videos can be hit or miss. This one is a hit.

Perhaps I'll be better motivated tonight. After all, it is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow.

Little victories. It's all I ask.

Nope, still not gonna bitch about politics. There are no good choices...


  1. Thanks for the post.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. A fine list with several movies that I haven't seen but look interesting. Grazie.

    2. Yes, there are a couple I haven't seen. And need to.

  2. Ah yes, The Blue Max. I remember thinking, "now why am I pulling for this Stachel guy, he's a kraut and and @$$hole." Also thought it would be nice to receive a measure of comfort from Kaeti. ;)

    1. I see we agree on the major themes of the film.


  3. One of my favorite WW1 movies is a real sleeper. "The Lost Battalion" with Ricky Schroder. A haunting movie, dealing with what must be one of a commander's worst nightmares, lost behind enemy lines. The movie deals with a battalion of the 77th Division under Major Charles White Whittlesey and the Argonne Forest. This is the action that "Cher Ami", a carrier pigeon, became famous for.

    The friendly fire incident, the way it is portrayed, the actions of the men on the firing and receiving end, is equal in a haunted-horrible level as some of the first 30 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan."

    Truly a great movie that you will only re-watch during daylight hours, because it will haunt you.

    By the way, Major Whittlesey was so ruined emotionally by the experience that after the war, he took an ocean liner trip and just walked off, somewhere in the Atlantic.

    And, "Sgt. York" with Gary Cooper. How can you not consider that one of the best WW1 movies? Just saying.

    1. I know well the story of the "Lost" battalion, a name which the soldiers in the battalion hated, they weren't lost, they knew exactly where they were. Major Whittlesey's story was very tragic.

      Now I need to track down that movie!

    2. The first two AF (in its nascent stage) Medals of Honor were awarded for actions taken in support of that Battalion. Lts Goettler and Bleckley flew air support for them dropping supplies when they were shot down and killed.
      May have to check out that movie.

    3. Did some checking, the full movie is available on YouTube.

    4. Re-watched it a couple weeks ago on YouTube as OldAFSarge just pointed out. It starts slow, but gets bad pretty quickly, and you'll end up hating the French Command even more after watching it.

      Additionally, after watching it, you will get a great appreciation for that lowly bottle of water you should have been drinking.

      Harrowing is a good word for what those dough-boys went through. And the portrayal of Goettler and Bleckley is well done.

      And pay attention to what the Germans say. All of it is based upon true recollections / actual written memoires.

    5. Just watched it, Andrew.



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