Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's The Little Things

A Proud Day.
Good Times.
One cat is great.
Two are awesome!
Kodi and Bear are ready for walkies. Or dinner. Which ever comes first!
One of my favorite places. One of my heroes.
Flowers are good.
So more flowers must be even better.
Daughters are awesome.

Old ruins are interesting.
Je pense que je vois le Sarge! (I think I see the Sarge!)
Dirt roads are good.
Foliage is awesome.
Laughing together is awesome.
Connecticut River in the gloaming.
Goofy WSOs are awesome.
The town of my birth.
My brother built that.
Never forgotten.
Forever loved.
Gardens are nice.
Four birds on a wire.
Faith is awesome. (Literally!)
The next generation.
Aircraft carriers are awesome. (As is Sandy Eggo!)
Snow is awesome. (In finite quantities!)
Recognize me?
A day in the park is awesome.
Dogs are awesome.
Sunsets are magnificent.
The sky is awesome.
A great time of year...
I know I'm blessed. And yes, I'm thankful.
A blessed Sunday to you all.


  1. Great pics! Very helpful to keep us focused on what is important and just how good we've got it.

  2. Wow, 39 smiles to start the day! Talk about being blessed.

    Thanks Sarge.

  3. Excellent pic's, looks like you have an awesome family. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. San Diego is awesome (as are little kids). I love the picture of your grandkids on the flight deck- the dichotomy of their smallness and innocence against the huge and lethal power that is a US aircraft carrier. Nice pictures all around. Happy Sunday to you too my good Sir!

    1. That photo you mention is one of my favorites. One of my mother's as well.

      Thanks Tuna!

  5. Thanks for the photographs. You have a great looking family, and the others are awesome too.

    Sidebar: When you write " Newport ", you need to say east or west. We have one of those out here in Oregon. Of course, knowing that you live on the right coast, I was pretty sure which one you meant.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. North or south as well.

      There is a Newport, Vermont right on the border with Canada.

  6. So do you have the Lego Movie song "Everything is Awesome" running through your head?

    Wonderful photos. You truly have a wonderful life.

    Now you got me doing it. Wonderful.


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