Friday, October 28, 2016

Stop That! (Yes, Virgil, We're Talking to You)

Virgil's Old Ride
F-4C landing at Clark AB, Philippines

So Virgil dropped by today and left that comment. Scared me it did. Virgil you need to stay with us now, don't go wandering off. Here's what the crew over at koobecaF had to say -

So yeah Virgil. What they said!

No doubt there will be more...

I'll keep updating as the messages come in...


  1. VX, you'd better get well or I'll come after you wherever you may try to hide.

    Paul L. Quandt

  2. Virg, while Lex, Buck, and Marianne would be pleased to see you, we are not finished with you yet, for at least several more decades. We need every Badger Approved person we can, and you are one of the Most Approved!

  3. VX sighted over at CDR Sals. Hopefully a sign that all is well--or at least getting there.

    1. We truly hope so. VX did promise an AAR. We shall see!


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